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Hey all, I am new to this and I set up my tank with some Tiger Barbs and Giant Danios. One of my Danios has been showing signs of what I thought was stress and today I found him at the bottom of the tank, still breathing but upside down. I thougt it might be fin rot as his fins look shabby.

Can anyone tell me what to do?


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Welcome to Fishlore! Have you tested your water (or had it done at the pet store) so you know what your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate numbers are? If so did you finish your cycle before adding fish, or did you add fish right away? Are you treating your water with anything (NovAqua, AquaSafe, Amquel+, Prime, etc.)? Have you done any water changes lately? How big is your tank? Just a few of the questions we'll need answered to have a chance at understanding what is going on with your fish. The most important though are the current ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels. If you don't have a test kit (it's highly recommended that you have one ()) then take a bottle of your water to a pet store that will test it for you and let us know what they are.


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Did you check the posts under "important topics" in this forum? There are several good links to disease listings that might help with identifying the problem. Without the info that Luniyn mentioned, I can only take a wild guess that it's a problem called "Flipover" caused by air in the swim bladder combined with a possible case of fin rot. It's more likely that it's an inflammation in the air bladder caused by a bacterial infection. TriSulfa might be the best med IF this is the case.

But like I said that's pretty much wild guesses at this point and with the info we'll be able to confirm/deny the guesses I made based solely on his being upside-down. For now follow Luniyn's post and I hope we'll hear your danio is all good in short order.

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