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HI everyone,

We were wondering what illness causes fish (in this case hilleries) to become misshapen (almost curved like a helix or arch).  We noticed it in one of our fry yesterday and maybe more of them today.

Is this a disease and is it contagious?  and how can we treat it?

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I think I've read somewhere on this forum that TB (fish tuberculosis) causes the body of the fish to be curved - BUT I am not 100% sure. So maybe wait for someone to confirm this. IF it is fish TB, you shouldn't be putting your hands in the tank water if you have any cuts - it is contagious. If I were 100% sure any of my fish has TB, I wouldn't put my hands in the water even if I didn't have any cuts. It's better to wear latex gloves when dealing with sick fish.

P.S. I hope you don't mind me transferring your topic to "Freshwater Diseases" board.


Maybe it isn't a disease. Maybe it was born that like that...


Isabella is correct fish TB can cause this BUT... vitamin defiency can cause it also. I'm not sure what a hillerie is but vitamin C deficiency in guppys can cause this curvature of the spine. Some fish need a few more veggies in their diet and guppys are one of those so mine get veggie flakes once a day. Since I started doing that I haven't had anymore fry with curved spines. But it won't cure it once curved but may prevent in the future.
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Thanks for all the info everyone... Sorry to be late in replying... Computer trouble


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