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Hello — newbie here on fish lore.

I have a flower horn that is sick, and I’m checking different forums for information. I’m pretty new to the hobby, and the fish is technically my roommates, but I love this fish and I’m better at research than he is (kinda).

Anyway — sick fish.

He’s always had a bit of a large belly since I’ve known the fish (I didn’t know it wasn’t normal) but recently it’s gotten WORSE. He’s lost a lot of pigment, and his kok has gotten smaller since September vs now. We have him in a 10g hospital tank currently as we treat him.

Symptoms: extreme bloat, loss of pigment, smaller kok, hasn’t pooped in at least a week, hasn’t eaten anything this week at all that we’ve seen, and (*NEW*) he looks like he has shed/lost a little bit of his slime coat.

What we’ve done: 10g tank with fresh cycled water. Tried soaking cichlid pellets in water and epsom salt — didn’t eat them. Tried the same with blood worms— same result. Dosed him with a “jungle labs parasite clear” tablet (has praziquantel and metro in it) and followed directions... he got worse after a few hours. I got worried and we did a water change, about 50% and pulled water from a healthy tank. That definitely seemed to help, because he perked back up to what he’d been before the meds. We are trying to keep his water at 81°-82°. Tried to give him another small bit of BW this morning— no go. We just did another water change.

Our/my plan: I’m going to wait a little while (maybe an hour or two) post water change and then I’m planning on taking him from the tank and attempting to give him a dose of epsom salt water mixed with either soaked pellets or BW directly into his gut. Wait a little while to see how he acts, then we are planning on using pimafix or melafix (or both). Again, monitoring closely. We have CZ clear on order (highly recommended several times). But it won’t be here til next week.

Any other tips, tricks, suggestions are welcomed.

I’ve added pics from September and now



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Welcome to Fishlore, sorry it’s a problem that brings you here, hope our members can help you today

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