Sick fish! :(

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Jequila, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Jequila

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    For the last week or so, my Betta has looked a bit bloated. Then he started swimming poorly (he looks bent) and just sitting around on a leaf all day. So I did a big water change, fed him some pea, didn't feed him for two days, then gave him more pea. He looks less bloated now, but it still a bit bent and swimming not so well. Poor thing looks rather sad sitting around on the plants all day.

    I don't think it's the water because the other fish are fine (some bronze catfish). What should I do? ???
  2. Tigerfishy

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    I'm not sure I'm afraid, but it looks like the pea did it's job.
    Maybe a picture would help? Do you know your water parameters for ammonia, nitrite & nitrate?
    Hope someone else can come and help a bit more.
  3. fishtroy

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    I agree perhaps a photo or a video of how he is swimming. How old is he?
  4. Etcetera

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    Even after the fish is through with constipation, the swim bladder may have been damaged and needs time to heal. Keep the water extra clean/warm, and don't feed him as much. If it is just a swim bladder problem, it should heal within a week.

    Do you have a water test kit? Fish have evolved to not show any signs of weakness even in the worst of conditions until they are near death, so you should rely on a good liquid test kit rather than how things appear in your tank.

    What have you been feeding your fish? Some food is lower quality and more prone to causing bettas to become constipated. Always soak the food in tank water before giving it to your betta, and never feed them foods that have been freeze-dried.