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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by agw09, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. agw09New MemberMember

    Hi everyone,

    I have a sick fish.

    My tank parameters (Checked today after water change 24h ago) are:
    Nitrate 10

    I cant get the nitrates down any more as the tap water is high.

    I have 4 adult platy and 1 6 week old fry in my main tank (54L)

    One of my adults eyes are bulging out her head, she isnt eating and mainly just floating in the plants. I have one male adult who will be moving to my 2nd tank (45L) when the 4 fry in it are older (currently 2 weeks old). I am making all male and female tanks. The male has been pecking at her and flattening his fins and darting at her.
    I am wondering if his attacking her has caused this to happen by stressing her out. She is also very pale.
    All other adults and the fry are fine.
    I read up on pop-eye and i dont know if i should take her out and medicate her, even if i do i dont know whats wrong with her as it says pop-eye can be caused by loads of different things.

    Any ideas anyone?
    Is it too late to treat her?

  2. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    To the best of my knowledge Pop Eye is a bacterial infection. If it were me I would put the fish in quartine and treat with a medication for Pop Eye.

  3. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    :animal0068: Hi, I have moved your topic to the Freshwater Fish Disease Forum so more members might see it.

  4. GemstonePonyWell Known MemberMember

    You won't know if it's too late until she's dead, but I noticed:
    Do you change their water every 24hrs? Do you know what the parameters were before you changed the water?
    Pop eye is a bacterial infection, but it rarely occurs with good water-quality.
    Also, fish aren't very kind to eachother, if a fish notices another is coming down with something (and they know much earlier than we do), they frequently start to harass that fish so it will go away and they won't get what the sick fish has (hence a common sign that a fish is coming down with something is that no other fish wants them around). Unfortunately in an aquarium there is often no space for the harassed fish to escape, which is why frequent observation of your fish for at least a few minutes is recommended- so you can separate a harassed fish from it's aggressors and give it time and space to recover(hence the QT).
    Even if you can't put her in a QT, a fry net to separate her from the male would help.
  5. agw09New MemberMember

    The parameters were:

    It was just a regular weekly water change i did.
    The male harrased her a lot but he's been doing that the whole time i've had him and she's been fine up untill now. She had babies 2 weeks ago.
    I watch them for hours a day (usually when my boyfriend has the football on :)) so i noticed straight away when her eyes were swollen, she stopped eating that night.
    She is in a breeder net now but she was spinning in a circle earlier like she was possessed! It also looks like she faints and comes round :s
    I have dosed with meds but she doesnt seem to be any better, worse i think now.
    She is currently resting on a plant breathing heavily.
    I would buy a QT but i currently have £100 to my name and a heater costs £20. Plan B is move the fry to the net and put her in their tank
    Would it be kinder to put her to sleep?
  6. TuufyValued MemberMember

    if it is caused by a bacterial infection, you could feed it a medicated fish food specifically designed for this, or food soaked in fresh garlic water or if you can get the fish to eat it little teeny tiny pieces of garlic itself, uncooked.

    IS the fish body looking bigger than usual anywhere, does the fish look a bit like a pinecone if you look down at her from above? but with the funky swimming and bulging eyes it sounds like bloating, could you get some pictures on here, that would help people a lot.

    If the answer is yes and you can get your hands on some epsom salts you could use that to help draw out the water from her body, pineconeing is caused by organ failure, the organ failure could be caused by many things so using some form of medication in her food will help that, but you still need to deal with the pineconing or bloating...........

    Do another water change and work your water water over pouring from bucket to bucket a few times to get rid of the super saturated gases that may be in your water.

    If you can get her into another tank, dont worry about a heater, the tank should sit at the ambient room temp for the most part anyway, use water from the old tank if you are going to put her in a QT tank, try and get some fresh air in the tank with a bubbler and of course the filter on there with no carbon in it.

    If there is no pineconing going on then and it is pop eye you can still use a garlic tonic or give her garlic baths, or use over the counter meds as suggested by JDHef, I have no experience with that kind of med as I havent had pop eye in a fish yet ( thank goodness). The garlic is a natural antibiotic and so shouldnt stress the fish.......

    If you want how to make the garlic tonic or epsom salt, let me know.

    BTW Hello
  7. agw09New MemberMember


    She has stopped eating now and looks thinner than before.
    Its 19 degrees in my livingroom just now (Scottish waether is not good just now) would that be to cold to put her in an unheated tank? If not i've got everything else :)
    Its day 4 of the meds and she doesnt seem any better :S
    Can you let me know how to make the garlic and epsom salt please. Since she isnt eating i think this is my best bet now.

    Forgot: i stuck some food in with her this morning and she is still not eating
  8. TuufyValued MemberMember

    Using a medium size bulb; peel cloves apart, snip off ends; microwave cloves for 5 to 10 seconds to pop hulls; remove hulls; cut the length of the cloves in thin slices; place in cup of hot (from tap) water; cover, and let sit at room temperature for 12 hrs; mash the cloves and strain for immediate use; refrigerate until needed. Good for two weeks

    The longer the cloves soak, the stronger the solution.

    Garlic Treatment Use for harmful bacteria infection; abscesses or tumours; external parasites or worms; external or internal injuries

    Premix 1 tablespoon of (24 hour) garlic water per 10 gallons of main tank size; premix in fresh water before adding to tank. If garlic water is aged: premix 1 teaspoon of garlic water per 10 gallons of tank.
    Perform 20% fresh water change; premix garlic in fresh water before gradually adding to tank.

    Repeat treatment for three days; then perform 20% reverse water changes; no garlic

    Treatment credit:
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  9. TuufyValued MemberMember

    Epsom salt treatment, epsom salt is magnsium sulfate so check your gh first as if it is on the high side this may not be a good ideal.

    If your fish is in a hospital tank then you can treat the whole tank for a few hours.

    The epsom salt will help remove the build up of water in the tissues and organs of the fish and reduce the pressure inside which should help with the popeye, you can do this at the same time you start the garlic treatment.

    Make sure you are using pure epsom salt, nothing else added to it like peppermint oil etc etc...............

    1tbs per 10g of water to be treated, premix into fresh water you have worked over first and add to the tank slowly so as not to shock the fish, if your fish is in the main tank then you will have to use a 5g bucket and use some tank water and some fresh water in there, preferably the fish is isolated it QT tank and so you can treat whole tank.

    Leave fish to swim in epsom salt treatment for several hours, next day do 20% water change, do not add more salt, continue with garlic treatment as above, as you do the daily water change the salt will reduce.

    Make sure your hospital tank has good filtration ( remove the carbon from the filter media) and if possible a bubbler. If possible keep a good eye on your fish to see if there are any signs of distress, but there shouldnt be and I have just used this on a tetra who was so bloated pineconed and googly eyed I thought he was gonna explode, he is doing better now.

    19'c is 66'f which is too cold I think fora platty, but is that the outside temp you were quoting? what is the temp in your house where you keep your tank?

    Thanks for the pics
  10. agw09New MemberMember

    That is the air temp in my livingroom on the thermometer.
    Thanks for the info!
    Off to tesco i go!
  11. TuufyValued MemberMember

    lol i used to work for tesco! guess you will have to put the heat on for a few days to keep your wee timorous beastie at the right temp! have you got a thermometer in the tank?

    If the room temp is 66' then the light in the hood will warm the water up some, but then you would need to leave the light on all the time which isnt good for the fish, they need to have dark to rest.

    The whole point of a heater in the tank is to keep the tank at a constant temp............which is best for the fish.

    Please keep us posted, best of luck with your fish too, I m still keeping my fingers crossed for mine at this point...................
  12. agw09New MemberMember

    I got back from Tesco and she had passed away, watched her for 2 hours and she didnt move or breath :(
    Scooped her out and no movement.

    On the up side i have 3 of her fry so she'll live on i suppose.

    Good luck to your fish Tuufy!

    Thanks so much for all of your help and support!
  13. TuufyValued MemberMember

    OH I am so sad to here of your loss, its hard but its part of life................. keep going with her baby fish so she can live on through them. Keep me posted and let me know how you get on with them.
    I have mollies that produced babies 2 times, the last lot all became fish food, but now I am more prepared, I have an area in my tank that is set up as a perfect baby fish hiding place...........actually thinking of making it a bit bigger, so they next time I get fry, we might get to see them grow.
  14. GemstonePonyWell Known MemberMember

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. :( Have fun raising the babies, though!
  15. AlyeskaGirlFishlore VIPMember

    I'm sorry for your loss.

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