Sick Fish - Molly And Gourami



My molly and gouramI are usually very energetic but have been very sluggish and still recently.

I've been using an automatic feeder this week as I've been away, I would assume it's been over feeding them and some sort of ammonia poisoning or water quality. I've done a large water change and will do daily - I've found a bottle of Revitaliser - is it worth using? Will it break the cycle ? The tank is over a year old, regular water changes and fully established.

Not heard of this and always sceptical of any meds.

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Trace of ammonia, zero nitrite and 30 nitrates. The ammonia trace is what led me to believe it was over feeding. I have nitrates in my source water, so 30 is usual. I've added a dose of tetra nitrate minus to lower it a little as I always do if any signs of illness - it's a harmless addition that I added weekly to acclimate my fish to the source water around a year ago. No affect on cucle


It's probably the ammonia spike that's making them sick. I'd dose Prime to the tank to help out with that. In the meantime, just frequent water changes will improve things. If you're only gone for a couple of weeks, I wouldn't bother feeding them and esp not with an auto feeder as so many things can go wrong with them.

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