sick fish lethargic at the top of the tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by lukeozade93, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. lukeozade93New MemberMember

    hi could someone please help me

    the other day one of my mollys seemed to be really lethargic at the top of the tank and breathing quite quickly. The next morning i found it dead. The same thing seems to be happening to another now and I'm concerned to what is doing it.

    in addition to this, two of the mollys are pooping a clear and stringy substance

    any help would be highly appreciated

  2. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    first thing to do is some water changes, id do daily 50% water changes for awhile. lots of water chagnes will ensure the fish have the cleanest environment possible to heal.

    have you checked your levels? test ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. make sure its a liquid test kit the test strips are not accurate enough to trust.

    if you dont already you can soak your fish food in garlic. fresh garlic or seachem makes garlic guard. garlic will help to boost the fish immune system.

    what is the temp at? is it staying constantly at the same temp, not fluctuating throughout the day?

    are they the only fish in the tank? what size tank is it? if you fill out your profile info you wont have to answer these questions in the future.

    white stringy poop sounds like internal parasites, have you seen them rub into things? id try the things i suggest for a couple days and see how there doing. but if there dying to fast or not improving you can try PraziPro, for internal parasites.

    i hate to treat for something im not sure about. might want to wait for some more responses and time to see how they respond to the extra water changes.

    welcome to fishlore!
  3. lukeozade93New MemberMember

    thanks for the reply

    my ammonia and nitrate and 0 and my nitrate is at 25

    my temp is constant at 28

    i have a 30g with 4 mollys, 6 rummy nose tetras and 2 small angels

    i'll take your advice and try the garlic to try and help them out and keep up the water changes
  4. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    ok try that and watch for other sings of illness like the rubbing into objects i mentioned.

    i dont know if you use any of this stuff but here are some great products i deff recommend. im not sure how available they are to you across the pond.

    vita chem

    fish protector

    and prime the best water conditioner on the market.

    also how long has the tank been running?
    how long have you had these fish for?
    have you added any new fish?
  5. lukeozade93New MemberMember

    i havent noticed any rubbing at all, although ill keep my eye out

    and ill have a look of them

    but yeah my tanks been running for 8-9 weeks and I've had them about about a 2 weeks with a few added last week
  6. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    how did the tanks look from where you got the fish? very important to look at the tanks, are there a lot of dead fish, do they seem clean ect... fish stores are not careful about keeping fish healthy. a lot of fish come home form the pet store sick.

    sometimes you just have to chalk it up to bad stock. fish are inbred a lot and some just aren't has hardy as others. might want to try a diff source.

    a quarantine tank is a very good investment for the future. it can be small like a 5g but 10g is much better. just something to think about.

    what kind of filter are you using? sorry for all the questions :)
  7. lukeozade93New MemberMember

    most of the mollys were from pets at home. and the tanks they were kept in didn't look bad at all. And ill have to keep that in mind if getting any more in the future

    And I'm using a fluvial 206 at the moment

    and its fine mate. I'm glad someone is helping me out

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