!!! Sick fish I think !!! Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Railed2180, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Railed2180New MemberMember

    ok , So here's the story..

    About 3 weeks ago I had ICH in my 29 gallon community tank and had to get my 2 Goldfish out of it to treat it and into the tank that was in the process of getting set up for them originally.

    I had a bad decision to make one way or the other. it was either cooking them to death because i had to raise the temp in the 29 gal, or put them into a not compleatly finished cycling tank. I opted for the latter. So they went into the 40 gallon that was supposed to be theirs originally just a little bit early.

    It was about mid cycle when they got added and they got daily 35% water changes with Prime.

    This was about 2.5 weeks ago and Everything has seemed to be going fine they wernt gasping for air and still eating and being active. Just tested last night and ammonia was at .25, nitrites at .50 and Nitrates were at about 15 ppm.

    Here comes the problem, Now i have a Black Moor (named bug) that now is not active unless he see's me at the tank. Otherwise he is laying on the bottom of the tank not moving. this has been going on for about 2 days now.I cant imagine its the readings on the tank because the other fish is absolutly fine and eating like a pig. I just dont know what to do :;dk

    Any ideas out there guys ???
    Please Help !!!
  2. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    Different fish have different tolerance levels for toxins, so it could be due to putting them thru the cycle.

    From what I understand about ich, the white spots on the fish are actually a parasite. But the parisite drops spores off the fish which hatch in the gravel then attack the fish. So you really need to break the ich cycle. By relocating the fish, you may also be transferring the ich to the new tank.

    Since you were changing tanks anyway, I might have just left them in the 29 gallon and used ich medicine. Sometimes the ich meds will kill your cycle, but you were moving them out anyway. I do agree that putting them in 85 degree water for two weeks may not be the best thing.
  3. Railed2180New MemberMember

    he shows no signs at all of ich. I dont think that would be the case but i will check again.

    Any other ideas anybody?
  4. Railed2180New MemberMember

    Come on guys, I know there's someone who might have an idea for me


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