Sick Dwarf Gourami

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by dom321, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. dom321

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    hi all,

    I have a 10 gallon with 7 tetra, 1 honey gourami and 1 dwarf gourami.

    Ammonia 0.25ppm
    Nitrate 5-10
    Nitrite 0

    The honey and tetra have been in for over a year and are happy. A couple weeks ago I got a dwarf gourami. He was shy at first but got much better and bolder in the tank however Over the last few days he has been hiding a lot, not swimming much at all and lingering in one place at the top of the tank and then the bottom of the tank. Not really moving - I keep thinking he’s dead. He hasn’t really been eating at all and doesn’t come up the surface now when I feed.

    I’ve heard they are prone to illness and to be fair I did notice that when I bought him that the dwarfs didn’t seem that alert or active and noticed that a couple were head butting the tank side! Wondering if it already had an issue before I got him..

    I do a 25-50% water change every week
  2. Heron

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    When you have 2 dwarf gourami males in a tank they don't get on and one usually acts exactly as you describe untill in my experience it dies. I have never kept a dwarf and honey gourami together but maybe the same problem occurs. Im sorry I can't give you any more advice, hopefully someone else can.
  3. The_fishy

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    To me, your tank appears overstocked. What kind of tetras do you have in there?

    It could be a combination of genetics and stress from tank crowding. Do you have any pictures? What is your feeding schedule like?
  4. OP

    dom321New MemberMember

    Neon tetras. Sorry haven’t uploaded any pictures just yet. I only feed once a day but enough.

    Unfortunately I lost the DG this morning. Very frustrating - I won’t be adding anymore stock as like you say I was probably pushing it with him in too. Thanks anyway.