Sick Corydoras

  1. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    One of my julii cory cats seems to be quite ill. He lives in a 55 gallon aquarium within a shoal of 6 julii cories. One of them has always stayed away from the rest and I assume it is the same one

    Filter Fluval u4 internal

    6 bleeding heart tetras
    6 julii cory cats
    3 zebra loaches
    2 angelfish
    4 cherry barbs
    2 honey gouramis

    Tanks has been set up for almost 3 months

    Doing 30-40% pwc per week. Did one last saturday

    They were all acclimated correctly but they have been in the tank for a month now

    Ammonia 0
    NitrIte 0
    NitrAte 5-10
    Ph 7

    They are on a sand substrate and yet he has no barbels left
    I have had them for a month so he is obviously not just settling in. He has no obvious signs of illness besides his seperation from the group and no barbels.

    The water quality is fine and all of the other fish are fine

    Is he ill? Could he be being bullied? Could he just be like this forever?

  2. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    If his barbs are injured I'm not sure if they will grow back. He probably did it at the store. Is he eating well?

  3. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    They all had barbels when I bought them, and his appear to have vanished since I got them. He isn't eating that well I don't think. All of the other cories will eat at the same time as my loaches but they can easily push him out of the way. He isn't thin, but I don't know if he is getting much food
  4. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure he can eat without them. Did he get caught in a net or do you have any sharp decos?

  5. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    I haven't used a net since getting them, and certainly not since he lost his barbels. The only pieces of decor besides plants are bogwood. Could he have been attacked? He looks in a bad way, and dosen't hang around with the others. He just floats in the middle of the tank and then goes and sits on a leaf.
  6. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Would it be a good idea to seperate him, so he can feed without being pushed around my all of the other fish?
  7. fbn Well Known Member Member

    If you think he is getting bullied, try spreading the food. If you feed shrimp pellets for example, put the all pellets in different locations.

  8. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    I have tried that, but the bleeding hearts nick the food and the loaches move it all around the tank!
  9. fbn Well Known Member Member

    What about zuchinni? I doubt the cories and loaches would eat that.
  10. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    I may try that then :)

    Today there was something attatched to him, that appeared to be peeling off. Don't know what it is. His tail is bent slightly to one side as well

  11. fbn Well Known Member Member

    Hmm, maybe excess slime on his slime coat?
  12. Donnerjay Well Known Member Member

    At this point, a picture would REALLY help us out a lot. He may have something internal going on; perhaps he was injured by one of the other fish bullying him. Your comment that something is peeling off him concerns me. Unfortunately, if he has internal injuries there isn't much you can do.

    But keep an eye on him and please post a picture of him if you can. It sounds like you're doing all you can by keeping the water parameters perfect. :)
  13. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Here he is:

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  14. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Would it be an idea to get him a small tank set up, so he has no zebra loaches for food competition. I noticed one of my other cories has a small nip in it's fin, as does one of my angels which tends to suggest that something is being a bit nippy.

    I could probably set up a small tank (really small) but would it stress him out too much? What about a large breeder net? Would that be way to stressful or unfair?
  15. Donnerjay Well Known Member Member

    Hello and thanks for the picture. He's a cute little guy! (or gal? :;dk)

    Not sure I would put him in another tank just yet. Other than not swimming with the other jullis and no barbels, he doesn't show anything unusual to me. I don't see the thing that was peeling off that you mentioned. Putting him in another tank would cause some stress and I can't tell that he's sick (fellow forum members please chime in here!!).

    If other fish in your tank are showing signs of being nipped, then that may be the problem right there. Something in the tank is causing stress to other inhabitants in addition to your lone cory. So...see if you can find out who's doing the bullying!

    Keep us posted!:party0004:
  16. CherryBarb123 Member Member


    The "Thing" that was peeling off had disapeared before this photo was taken. What concerns me is the way he just Floats there. All the cories are constantly moving and sifting through the sand, but he just appears to not be normal. He is fast, if I put my hand in to do maitanence he is quick to move, but he just randomly floats there for long periods of time :confused:

    I am guessing that fish that may be the issue are the angels, zebra loaches or bleeding hearts. Once cory had a nip in him not long after I got him as well, and that was before I got both the zebras and the angels.

    This cory has been like this for the past 3 weeks or so, with no signs of getting worse or better.

    Should he be able to eat without the barbels?

  17. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    He seems to have become less active as the day has gone on :(

    I think I have found the possible culprit :D I have been watching my tank more closely today, and the zebra loaches appear to be nipping everything! At feeding time, they have been nipping my bleeding hearts, angelfish and cory cats, as well as each other. I guess it could be them, but if it was, they have beaten him up a bit! He looks quite faded and is lacking "Something"

    I hope he gets better, but I don't feel that hopeful :(
  18. Donnerjay Well Known Member Member

    Aww, sorry to read this. :(

    You're probably right. Sometimes we can do everything right and our fish still don't make it.

    At least you know the nipping culprits now and can take some action with the loaches.

    Keep us posted!
  19. CherryBarb123 Member Member


    He is still going! I am taking the zebra loaches to the LFS later so hopefully, there will be no more bullying :D
  20. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Loaches are back at LFS, and I magaged to exchange them for something else! Fingers crossed he will recover :)