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Ok Hope I can provide enough information that someone out there can help me.
I have a 30 gallon hexagon tank with 2marineland biowheel filters ( each filters 200gph), an aqua c remora protein skimmer, I korialis nano power head 1/2 way down tank and one korialis power head aimed at bottom part of tank, around 20lb of live rock. tank mates mated pair ocellaris clown fish, 1 high fin cardinal, 1 flame fire fish ( had 1 gramma but became ill from cb and died) I do a 20% water change every 7-10 days, ammonia zero, nitrites and nitrates below 5 always ph 8.3 temp around 79-80

My coral beauty developed a dark spot on the edge of his dorsal fin and it started to fray some, this then happened on the ventral fin, with dorsal no worse but not healing, then the caudal fin had several dark areas on the edge and began to frey.

I assumed fin rot and treated with melafix and pima fix at the first sign on the dorsal fin....did not work
I then did my water change and tried with mardel copper safe since the cb had been scratching on the luck
I then tried apI sulfa treatment....5 day course, still no luck, but no scratchinn and was eating still
next up was apI eurithromyosin... you guessed it cb still alive and eating but still had problem with tail
I concluded it mustnt be a bacteria infection
Fish store no help....
now I did a fresh dip, and have cb in a 2 1/2 g quarantine tank I was finally able to get together and treating with small amount of melafix and instant ocean life guard all in one treatment
I hate that I have used so much med as I am one who really avoids adding meds just for the sake of adding meds... what ever the cb has it gave my gramma the illness and the gramma died... all other tank mates are fine

have I missed something or is there anything else I should be doing
this is my first go with sw angel
any help or suggestions much appreciated
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well it appears the infection is viral in nature as the instant ocean life meds with a small amount of melafix appears to be healing the cb... this is slow, but that is the nature of viral infections. if anyone knows of specific viral infections that infect fish, I would love to know about them so I can do research for the future
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so just a quick update coral beauty is completely cured, has been for a while and is as happy as ever

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