Sick Clown Loach?

  1. LoachFan

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    hi- I’m pretty new with keeping fish - but I got a clown loach, and the day after I got him he was on his side. He was still breathing, so I put in some aquarium salt and he got up and started moving a bit more. Now he just hangs around the back of the tank, and he moves around a little bit occasionally. I am afraid he may be sick, or I might need an air stone. The tank is 15 Gallons and I have 2 Zebra Danios and one Bristlenose pleco. My pH may be too high, as its at 7.6, and I’m not too sure about Ammonia/Nitrates/Nitrites, but we got our water tested at our local fish store and they said it was fine for fish. I just wanted to ask, because I am worried for my Loach and although he seems OK now I was wondering if there would be any problem in the future.
  2. TexasDomer

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    Unfortunately, you can't trust the fish store employees when they say your water quality is fine. Most of the time, they don't know what they're talking about.

    Are you familiar with the nitrogen cycle?

    Your tank is already overstocked. Danios should be in groups of 6+ and should be in tanks 30"+ long, as they're active swimmers. BN plecos should be in tanks over 20 gals, due to their high bioloads (i.e. they're very poopy!). It's entirely possible that water quality is an issue. Your pH is fine though. Don't try to change it.

    Do you know much about clown loaches? They should be in groups, but they also get up to 12" and should be in tanks over 100 gallons. Your tank is much too small for it.

    If you'd like some stocking suggestions, we can help suggest fish that are appropriate for your tank size for their entire lives. But I would recommend rehoming all of the fish you currently have, as none are appropriate for a tank that size. Problems will occur in the future.
  3. BeanFish

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    I would do a big water change right now. If they dont give you numbers best is to assume your water quality isnt fine for fish.