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Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Quarantine' started by ubernerdsteve, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. ubernerdsteveNew MemberMember

    Hi trying to see if anyone has any thoughts on this.

    New tank setup seeded from a rock solid cycled tank and has been with fish for about 2.5 months. It was a move from a 36 to a 55 to give some more swimming room. Tank was up and running for 2 months fishless cycle and I moved over all hardscape items into the new signs of an incomplete cycle have never any ammonia or nitrites, nitrates are between 20 and 40 on API master test kit; this is normal because of my tap water so all of my existing fish are used to this. My PH is a little higher in this tank then they are used to from 7.9 now at 8.1 m-8.2 in the new tank. All that to say I don’t think this is new tank syndrome.

    Other things to know about the tank it’s planted with new plants that haven’t fully taken root or taken off. I fert. maybe once a week or two but right now it’ll just create algae, and every couple of days I out flourish excel in. This is being done more diligently than my previous tank so a little new for the inhabitants.

    Problems started after I brought in new harliquin rasporas and ottos about 2 weeks ago. Possibly I didn’t QT them long enough but no one new has died only existing inhabitants. First sign of problem I lost a couple of adult harlequins but they looked like they died of old age, by that I just mean no markings no discoloration no sign of disease in any way that I could see. I did some major water changes and haven’t seen a problem for about a week.

    Last night one of my female boesmani was hanging out in a strange spot and not as reactive as normal. That’s not entirely out of the ordinary for the females they get strange every now and again but with the other strange deaths I’ve been watching closer. Today she’s definitely not in a good place and half her body is discolored the other half has normal coloration (side to side) and she’s in hiding. Again they are strange creatures and they do change colors frequently if they are unhappy with the water or the red tale needs a time out so the color isn’t very far off from what I’ve seen in the females but this is a bit darker and only on one half of her body. It’s darker scales and her dorsal fins are flat as they would be with any stress. One picture of her and one is of the other female so you can get a relative perspective of colors. The other side looks like the other female and just of note she is in a shadow so it does add a little extra darned over the female right under the light. It just looks like darker scales, no fuzz, deterioration/rot. It kind of looks like the hard black non fuzzy algae I get on my anubias sometimes. In the picture she is the one in the back I think someone else photo bombed me.

    My plan is to set up a hospital for her tonight but first what should I treat her with? Salt, stress coat? What do I do with the main tank to try and stop spreading. Any thoughts on what it is? I have a thought that I’m not thrilled about but I’ll keep it to myself to not poison the ideas of everyone else.

  2. RainbowJack

    RainbowJackNew MemberMember

    Humm, strange to me but appears something is not right. I have been fortunate and not many problems. Although I have dealt with ich outbreak in grandson's group. Till you know more what it is I suggest the following.
    1. Raise the temperature, not above 86. Slower if possible over 48 hours.
    2. Add salt, 1 tablespoon every 5 gallons
    3. Add leaves. Called Catappa or Indian Almond. 1 large to huge leaf for each 10 gallons. If don't like them in display (fish will) you can cut to size & place on media bag. Insert in canister or HOB. Take out carbon, purigen and the like. They will hinder the leaf benefits. Water will turn colors in 24 hrs to tea like tone. Many people swear by the oils, tannins and quananine released healing benefits. I do. Many LFS use them to prevent problems. I hope this helps. I wish you well, they do need help.
  3. OP

    ubernerdsteveNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the reply. Strange enough all seems copacetic now - her color was fine and swimming with the possy all day though again tonight hanging out in the bush...actually all of them are in different places in the tank than usual, I wonder if they’re starting to establish territory in the new tank. As I had kind of eluded to the boesmani have always been a bit strange in behavior and their colors do change drastically depending on their mood...especially the females. If it weren’t for the the recent deaths I probably wouldn’t even thought anything if it. She could have just been telling me she wanted fresh water ( a joke but there are actually studies that show rainbows are able to react to environmental stimuli and are trainable to interact with handlers, seek out pain management, etc.).

    Does anyone have boesmani and have a similar experience? Is it possible breeding behavior? I know since I’ve moved to the bigger tank they have exhibited some breeding activity.

    I’m still going to watch close and do some general broad spectrum prophylaxis. I know it’s controversial for some reason but I am an aquarium salt kind of guy...I like to think the reason I’ve rarely had the spread of disease in my tank is because I keep a baseline of salt in the tank. My plants don’t like it but those boesmani are 6 years old and aside from this scare are healthy and happy. The rasporas are 6 years old as well so the two deaths could have been age related and coincidental. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that’s all it was.

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