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I have a Black Molly that seems to have a recurring problem with being sick. About a month and a half ago I had to treat my whole tank for fungus (the cotton like stuff). I used the API Fungus cure. A week after the tank was cured this same black molly got the fungus again, so I treated the tank with the fungus cure again for fear that the other fish would get sick. I also treated the sick molly with salt water dips (1 tsp. aquarium salt and 1 gallon of water for 30 mins) every second day until the fungus was gone. The treatment seemed to work as the fish has been fine for about two and a half weeks post-treatment.

Tonight I noticed that the same molly has one white spot on him again that I suspect is fungus as well as these thicker string type things coming out of his right gill (see picture below). I don't know what to do with this guy and I'm worried about the other fish in my tank but I don't know that its a good idea to treat the whole tank again for just one fish.

Tank specs:
10 gallons- filter, heater
Fish- 2 black mollies, 1 red mickey mouse platy, 3 guppies

Water parameters:
pH 7.6
Ammonia 0 ppm
Nitrates 0 ppm
Nitrites 0 ppm
20% water changes weekly with a gravel vacuum for debris (I try and not let the bottom get too gross with fish waste and I feed them two smaller feedings in a day to minimize food wastage sinking to the bottom)

The picture is a bit blurry but what I'm worried about is the white stuff coming out of his gill


The picture isn’t showing up for me. Mind posting it again?

Is there any possibility that it’s ich? Mollies are fairly susceptible to it, I’ve had problems with it. And if it keeps coming back after you treat it maybe it’s not the right thing?
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So I’m not sure what that could be. The weekly water changes should help. When I had mollies that kept getting ich I read somewhere that using aquarium salt would help. I’ve also read a lot of comments that people don’t use it. However if nothing else seems to be helping I would give that a shot. It shouldn’t hurt the other fish, I’ve used it with guppies and platies.

And then maybe give the fungus cure another shot. Make sure your taking the carbon out and double check that your heater hasn’t broken?
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