sick bettas! ich and fungle i think

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so one of my bettas had ich he's better now, he was in a 5g. now my 20 gallon long with 3 bettas in it has ich, all three of them. I raised the temp to 86f and use a very small amount of salt and some ich attack when I do water changes witch I do every day along with vacuuming. this worked with my other betta dose this seem like a ok plan for the ich? also the 5 gallon was gravel the 20 gallon is sand figured that didnt matter just get as close to sand as possible.

the real reason I need help is one of my crowntail betta looks like he has cotton around his pointed back fins and they look like some are about to fall off. is this fin rot or a fungal infection?
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Can u get a pic
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this is the best I can do. hes not doing very good just lays in his log and not paying attention to me. still eats but rubs alot. the ich hasnt seemed to fallen off after 3 days of 86.


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I can't see much there, but if its cottony its more then likely a fungus, you need to complete the ich treatment first, QT that fish for the time being. Be sure you are adding the propper amount of Ichattack, and then do the WC as instructed. I'm going to asume the tanks divided or that all 3 fish are female. Either way, you are on the right track.
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I would actually use the naturally way to cure ich first and of that fails, try ich attack. The natural way is to raise the temperature up to 86 degrees slowly no more than 1-2 degrees an hour which you did.
Keep the tank at this temperature for 2 weeks regardless if the fish seem ich-free.

Add an airstone as warmer water holds less oxygen. You could also lower your water level so your filter brakes the surface more.

Begin doing daily water changes to remove free-swimming ich parasites with gravel vacs every other water change. I wouldn't do more than 1/3 the tank at a given time. The gravel vacs will remove the dead/fallen spores.

Soak the foods you give your fish in garlic. You could freshly mince garlic and add a few drops of tank water to soak or use garlic in a jar. Look for garlic preserved in water as some oils can foul the water. Garlic is a naturally immune booster along with other things.

Something i'd like to add about dosing with meds. Medications for ich are not effective unless the parasite is free-swimming. The ich parasites that are attached onto the fish are protected by the fish's slime coat so meds will most likely not affect parasites on the fish.

Good luck.
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ok so worry about ich first. my two other bettas one I only got a week ago are both young and don't seem to know they have ich a lil rubbing and ich spots but seem mostly fine. its my older one, my first fish ever that's just sitting at the top not moving taking lots of breaths for air and clamped fins. the spots on the other two have almost all fallen off, but the really sick one still has lots of spots. one question is should I feed same, more or less? more blood worms or less? usually I feed blood worms twice a week four worms once a day. the rest I feed 3pellets in morning and 2 at night. full life spectrum.
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I'm sorry, but the natural way is fun and all, but due to the current situation THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ICHATTACK. Its stressless on fish. Blood worms arnt food for betta, their candy. So feed once a week. Only if their frozen. Brine shrimp and frozen mixes work well. NLS, Kens betta crumble, Attitsons betta bites are all my choise feeds.

If you reread his treatment, he has the temps up with salt aswell as the meds, you can treat with both.
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If you keep up with the water changes you will b ich free within a couple weeks and the fish can be ich free for a couple days and still have spots because the the spots from ich are wounds where the ich Burroughs out of the fish cuz the ich go under the skin by what I understand
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The white spots are the parasites that are on the fish, they make it through the fishes slime coat and latch on to its flesh, a white spot is a parasite. They don't normally leave a mark behind.

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