Sick Betta? Help

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  1. Fishlover245735 Valued Member Member

    Tank size is a 5 gallon
    Been running for about 10 months
    Yes it has a filter
    Yes it has a heater
    Water temp is about 79 Ferienhiet
    1 crow tail betta and 5 neon tetras
    I change the water 1 time a week
    15% - 20% water change
    I let my water sit for 2 nights or I put aqueous water conditioner in
    Vacuum the sand and the water
    Yes tank was cycled
    I do not know the perimeters
    I feed them 2 times a day
    I feed them a small pinch ( my betta is very thin it seems so I have been trying to let him eat a little bit more)
    The either get fed aqeuon tropical flakes or nitration Max flakes
    I noticed this the past 3-4 days
    I have had this betta for 10 months
    He looks very thin and hides under the filter all the time, only comes out to eat. He is still eating though tail is turning a little bit lighter and has 1 or 2 bent tail pieces...
    I have never had any issues with him
    5w tips of his tail I said lighter and pieces are a little bit bent. He only comes out to eat. Hides underneath filter wear there is less flow. He is with 5 neon tetras, which I had to put in there for now. Not very active. I was thinking of moving my tetras to my 10 gallon but it is already pretty stocked...
    Please help!

    Please help!!!

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  2. StrippedDinosaur Valued Member Member

    Hey I’m no expert on fish, but I have kept bettas for a little over 5 years so maybe I can give you a least a little info until more people come along.

    What are your parameters?
    Have you seen the tetras bothering him? Neons can be bullies and I’ve seen them gang up on other fish and maybe attacked his fins

    Edit: Oh and can you post pics? Just so we can see a bit better

  3. Bama Valued Member Member

    Another question: How long have the tetras been with him?
    And a thought: I think fin rot may be the issue with his tail, but I'm not sure what would cause him to waste away if he's eating well. Have you seen him eat?

  4. Fishlover245735 Valued Member Member

    Yep! He seems to be eating just fine. I have had the tetras with him for about 1 and a half months... sorry I forgot to post pics.

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  5. Frankieflowaz Valued Member Member

    He looks beat holy cow man eother water conditions or the other fish imo hes damaged
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  6. Fishlover245735 Valued Member Member

    Should I put the tetras in my already kinda overstocked 10 gallon? I have a gourami 4 guppies, and a platy

    My tetras seem to be totally fine in the water conditions, swimming around, eating fine, playing with each other...
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  7. Frankieflowaz Valued Member Member

    Id wait for someone elses opinion but in my opinion I think his tail n fins are suppose to be one sheet its not suppose to have spikes as a tail like that they looked nipped ans his body or face is missing scales I'm not familiar with a smaller tank as a 5g but i believe a 5g is perfect for 1 beta not sure bout other fish not alot of space

    Also use seachem prime for waterchanges takes out bad chemicals in tap. Also neutralizes ammonia and nitrites for 24-48 hrs

    Seem fine and testing with api master kits are different buddy always good to exactly know sometimes proples water out tap is bad or high in ph ECT
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  8. Fishlover245735 Valued Member Member

    He is a crow tail betta which is why his tail is like that... do you think I could keep my tetras in my q0 gallon?

    Edit: 10 gallon

    Oh and o also have a ph thing that nutreulizes it to 7, should I put it in right know.

    Anyone used this before? It is called API proper ph...
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  9. EffaMoulton Valued Member Member

    Every body says not to use the PH balance. The PH swings can be harmful to fish. Fish will adapt to a PH slightly out of their range.
  10. Fishlover245735 Valued Member Member

    Ok. I was wondering if maybe that is what caused him to be like this because I forgot to the last time I cleaned his tank... should I put the tetras in my 10 gallon?

    I think that putting the neon tetras in my q0 gallon tank would be best but I already have 1 gourami, 4 guppies, and 1 platy

    Edit: 10 gallon tank

    I think I will keep him in his 5 gallon for now but could I see pics of your 10 gallons?Should I put the neon tetras in the 10 gallon?
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  11. Susie11 Valued Member Member


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  12. StrippedDinosaur Valued Member Member

    Yeah, he’s looking pretty ragged
    Hmm... what kind of filter do you have? If it’s a strong filter it might have sucked up his fins. He might even be fin nipping himself maybe out of stress since a 5 gall is pretty small for a betta and a school of neons.

    Maybe try 20-30 percent water changes every other day with prime and I would add some Stress Coat in there as well to help him heal. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to add in some IAL or Catappa leaves. I’ve heard of people using Organic Rooibos tea instead but I can’t speak for that.
  13. Fishlover245735 Valued Member Member

    The filter has a buffer on it so I don’t think that is the problem... just because he has had it there for a while. Okay I will try the water changes. Do you think it would be best to take the neon tetras out while I help my betta? Also do you think he has fin rot? Some one said they thought he might? A friend had to get rid of her neons and asked if I would take them, which is why I now have them.
  14. StrippedDinosaur Valued Member Member

    He might definitely have it, since the tips of his fins look a little darker than the rest of the fin, although that might be his coloration.

    I would take them out, at least temporarily to see if he gets better without the stress of the neons

    Edit: I don’t know it it’s the angle or the picture, but are there little bits missing from his pectoral fin? Usually you can tell if a fish has fin rot because the very tips of the fins start turning black and fraying, or at least that’s what I observed with the males bettas I had that got fin rot (literally was the bane of my existence)
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  15. Fishlover245735 Valued Member Member

    Okay! Thank you so much! I will keep everyone updated on him. I am taking those neons out right now!