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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by FishFor2018, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    My male velitail betta has lost some of his fins. For two weeks I was doing %30 water changes every day because I thought he had fin rot but it just got worse. He still swims around and is very active but keeps loosing bits and pieces of his fins. He is a very friendly/Docile Betta and I wanted to get 6 harlequin Rasbora but I didn’t want to Incase this was something serious. Right now the only thing with him is a mystery snail, named butters. I have live plants only (Amazon sword) and a Little Rock mountain thing. He has a filtered and heated 10 gallon tank.
    Here are pictures of him and the tank: image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  2. CanadianFishFanWell Known MemberMember

    Ok heres my guess, Possibly not fin rot but hard to see because its dark. Mr butters probably did nothing wrong id assume. Heres what I assume. Thats filter intake looks like it may have ripped his fins... How bad is the flow on it? Also I suggest getting him some more hide outs and plants.
  3. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    I put a cup over the outtake so there is close to no flow at all. He really only hangs out at the front of the tank and by that I mean swim back and forth all day. I guess that’s how he entertains himself. As far as the decorations, I plan on getting more live plants on Wednesday and I can just get another hideout for him while I’m at the pet store. If he did rip his fin on the intake, can I just put a sponge over it?
  4. CanadianFishFanWell Known MemberMember

    Yep try a sponge over it or get a sponge filter. Do more water changes to help heal the fins and get some Indian Almond Leafs to stop any infections.
  5. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    okay thank you i will

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