Sick Betta Please Help!

Anna T

I purchased my betta from Petco about 3 weeks ago, upon purchase I noticed a white spot by his gill but didn't think anything of it. Fast forward to present day and the spot has grown to a bump. He is also changing color which I thought was normal for bettas to do but not sure it is a symptom of disease. He started out a cellophane with a pearl white blue sheen to him now he is turning a gold sheen and losing his dark red. He is a butterfly betta. He was a very active happy fish and swam back and forth against the glass, now that I added the Melafix which is what a Petco worker advised me to do after showing him pictures yesterday he is not as active and laying on the bottom of the tank. I did some research and am not sure what is going on from what I suspect it's a cyst. I will post a pic from when I first got him and now . Please help


First, please do a very large water change, don't forget he dechlorinator, you need to get the Melafix out of the water. Melafix, pimafix and even bettafix contain a type of oil that can suffocate bettas and other labyrinth fish.
I'll need some tank specs, size, type of filtration, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.
Be careful around the tank and make sure not to get open cuts and such in it, I'm not so good at fish diseases, going to have to wait for someone else to give an accurate account of what it is, it's a bit unusual.
Don't worry, we'll be able to get him feeling better soon. He's gorgeous, btw.

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