Sick betta please help!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Bettalover99, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    Okay so I have had my betta king for about 2 months now . He's a beautiful betta but last week I was very busy and I feel terrible because I only fed him like twice in a whole week. He seemed fine though so I kept feeding him every day now and since about 3 days ago I noticed he hasn't been eating. I tried different pellets, the good fish flakes I use for my goldy and nothing works. I now noticed he sits at the bottoms so I lowered his tank level thinking maybe he just couldn't swim to the top. He's not hanging on the bottom but I can't get him to eat. He sniffs it and swims away. I don't know what to do I was thinking of purchasing some frozen brine shrimp but i have no idea!! Please help I love this little guy
  2. GordinianWell Known MemberMember

    What size is the tank? Does it have a filter/heater?

    You could try bloodworms- their every fish's favorite!

  3. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    is he fat? sometimes they get bloated and wont eat.

  4. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    It's just I think like a gallon or 2 like the betta things and no he isn't thats why I'm worried. But the thing is I don't want to keep feeding him I put like 10 pellets in to see and I kept sprinkling them when he came up thinking maybe he's lost his sight. Is that possible!? Because when I put the food in he comes to the top but then refuses to eat anything instead just follows around the pellets.. I'm not sure what to do!! He's the prettiest betta I have ever owned and I won't want to see the little guy die he's only 4 months but he has stopped bubble nesting where as he used to make huge ones daily and I'm starting to notice he's loosing his brightness to his colour :$ not sure what to do

  5. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    does he have a filter and heater? is the tank cycled?

    make sure you remove the uneaten food or it will make the water nasty and him sick.

    i doubt he lost his vision.
  6. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    I said in my comment no this is only a betta tank he's in
  7. GordinianWell Known MemberMember

    Do you know the water parameters? He is probably suffering from levels that are too high, be it nitrite, nitrate, or more likely ammonia. How often do you do water changes, and how much water do you remove?

    I would never recommend anything than a 3.5 gallon tank for a betta, and would never personally keep mine in anything less than 5 gallons. Right now, I think yours would be ok in a 2 gallon (if that's really what it is), as long as you provide AT LEAST a heater, preferably a filter as well- without a filter, you'll have to do water changes at least every other day do keep the water clean. A heater is really must for any betta, as they need temperatures of around 80F, and room temperature just won't cut it long term.

    Your betta is probably suffering from the lack of filter/heater and/or poor water conditions.
  8. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    i would deff recommend getting a 5g tank, heater, filter(sponge or HOB), and tetra safe start. like said its prob bad water quality. so i would do daily water changes. also monitor the temp if it goes up or down more then a few degrees or is below 78f i would deff add a heater asap.

    also get some prime for your water conditioner if your not already using it.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2013
  9. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    I had a male betta that lived 5 and a half years in a half gallon fish bowl in my kitchen. Bettas in the wild live in small shallow pockets of water and don't require a heater and filter to be happy. I don't think that's my problem. I'm thinking of upgrading to a 5 gallon though because my betta misses living with the neon tetras and I'd like to get some more. I don't think his tank is too small he has live java ferns and usually is pretty happy I will keep an eye on him and inform you guys when I see a change
  10. GordinianWell Known MemberMember

    While it is entirely possible for a betta to live that long in an unheated, unfiltered bowl, it is very bad for the betta, and you will not be able to see their true personalities when they're stuffed into a bowl.

    In the wild, bettas live in rice paddies in Thailand that are feet deep and miles long; occasionally, they may find themselves in a puddle, in which case they will jump out in search of more room/better quality water (hense why many bettas like to jump from their tanks, and a lid should be used).

    Lastly, bettas do just fine on their own. I've heard many betta keepers say "my betta looks bored, I bet he'd like some friends," when truly, they'd be much happier on their own (I am definitely not saying don't keep your bettas with other fish, just that other fish are not necessary; I've kept quite a few bettas in community setups). That said, a 5 gallon would just barely hold the betta, you'd need around a 10 gallon if you wanted to add neons, especially since they are such active swimmers.

    I'm not trying to be harsh, I'm just trying to save you from possible future heartbreak.
  11. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    they can live in bowls if the temp is consistent. they can live in water below 78f but they become less active ime.

    in bowls with no filter the tank is not cycled so they need lots of water changes. id say one every other day or so. get a liquid test kit to check for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate and you will know for sure. test every day and you can find out how fast ammonia and nitrite builds up. soon as it starts to show you need to do a 100% water change, along with taking out and washing the gravel.

    so there is no signs of illness other then him laying on the bottom and not eating. if so i really dont know what it would be.... try the blood worms and see if he will eat those. you can try to move him to a new tank, maybe he just wants more room. or maybe its because the tank is getting to cold now that its winter..... if it none of these and you have been doing the proper amount of water changes then you can try maracyn 1 & 2. that is what i use for lots of things. its a broad spectrum antibiotic that should help heal many illnesses. its in powder form and will be hard to dose in a small bowl....

    i like to try really clean water, soaking foods in garlic, adding vita chem, adding fish protector before i use meds though. if they are not doing better after a week of that then i would think about medicating.
  12. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    This is a good article to read.
  13. Tigress HillWell Known MemberMember

    You just don't see a betta's true personality nor potential in that size of a space. I had to keep my betta Draco in a gallon tank for a week while he was at my father's house (with prime double-dosed daily and water changes!), and he rarely flared nor moved. Then I moved him to a 6.6 gallon bookshelf, and this was the result;D
    One extremely spoiled, happy betta;)
  14. GordinianWell Known MemberMember

    I would also like to share my experience with my favorite betta boy, Gordon. When I first got him, he was kept in an unheated, unfiltered bowl. He was the most pitiful looking betta I'd ever seen; he was SO dull in color an all of his fins were ripped/curled up:


    After just a few weeks in a 5 gallon with a filter, heater and weekly water changes, he had drastically changed. He was coloring up, his fins were healing, and he wasn't the shy little betta I'd originally brought home.

    1229.jpg014 (3).jpg

    Gordon was by far the happiest betta I've ever owned, and I'm proud to have been his mommy. These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago, and you can see that he'd colored up even MORE.


    This may have been an extreme case, and it was probably more the pet store's fault than anything, but it just goes to show what proper conditions can do for a betta :)
  15. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    lets remember that his betta is sick and was wanting to know what to do about it. i also agree that 5g min is best but the fact is you can keep a healthy betta fish in a small bowl. so now that he knows how we feel about the tank size lets try to figure out what we can do with what he has :)

    one thing i dont like about bowls is that you have to remove the betta to clean them. i fell like using a gravel vac in a bigger tank is a less stressful life. most people dont realize how much clean water can help a fish to heal and in a bowl they get move a lot.
  16. GordinianWell Known MemberMember

    I understand, but I cannot think of anything that could've caused this other than poor conditions (while there certainly could be).

    I'd say try the bloodworms- my bettas go crazy for them- and do a couple water changes just to be safe.
  17. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    Thank you! I will keep an eye on him if nothing improves I'm upgrading to a 5 gallon starter kit with a heater and filter and my bettas absolutely get depressed when they are alone. He plays with my gold fish they have tanks next to each other and he will dart back and fourth but has never brought out his beard and if anything he enjoys the fun. I am considering the tank upgrade and I might add my goldfish to it because it would be an upgrade for both .
  18. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    He..? I'm a female :$
  19. GordinianWell Known MemberMember

    That's great! I'm sure he'll love it!

    I think the goldie is best kept separately :) Goldfish are coldwater fish, whereas bettas are tropical fish.

    lol, that's happened to me before too!
  20. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    And as for the tank upgrade I understand that it will definitely help him with colour and everything, however it's not an option right now. I'm never home right now that's why I'm waiting til summer to do breeding and my parents said a heater and filter will only add to my problems ! Do you think he can hold off until summer? Or should I give him away!?

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