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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Hamad, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Hamad

    HamadNew MemberMember

    Hi all! I need help with my Male betta.
    Please excuse me for not knowing what type it is, but it was sold to me as a short tail male betta.

    I had him in a 160 gallon planted community tank, and he was doing so well with all the fish.

    2 weeks later i started noticing his behavior changed as he was always hiding and his fins looked like he was beaten or something.

    Now i have another betta with him but its a female.

    Also, this is an older pic and please excuse the DIY quarantine he is now in a proper quarantine on his own.

    I am currently continuously doing water changes for him and adding seachem stress guard to the water.

    I also have something for fungus which i use every other day just in case.

    With all that, it seems like he is still not doing any better as he is always laying on the floor and is not moving. Just when he goes up for a gulp of air. Btw, the quarantine tank water level is low, as i noticed he struggles to swim a lot.

    All my other fish in the tank are doing very well, and I’m running out of ideas of what this could be.

    My water parameters are fine and he was doing fine for 2 weeks before this started.

    I do apologize for how much im writing, but im trying to cover as much as i can for you to understand my situation.

    Attached is the photo of him on the right.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. OP

    HamadNew MemberMember

    Sorry i also forgot to add is he started not to eat, and thats what worried me as he was eating before while he was sick.
  3. CheshireKat

    CheshireKatWell Known MemberMember

    I'd take him out. He's being attacked and therefore is likely depressed, stressed, unwell, etc. I don't feel like he's sick since you said his fins look like they'd been "beaten." Unless he has severe fin damage, they'll likely heal on their own.
    Edit : nevermind, missed the part of him being in quarantine. How big is the quarantine and what is the temperature of the water?

    What fish do you have that was with him?
    I don't think you should be adding "something for fungus just in case." Treating unnecessarily can stress the fish out even further. What exactly were you adding?
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  4. OP

    HamadNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the reply!

    So he is in a 1.5 gallon plastic tote with the temp. at 80 F(27 celsius). But the water level is low so it is not exactly 1.5 gallons.

    The fish he was with were:-
    - Bosemani rainbow
    -red rainbow
    -neon rainbow
    -rummy nose tetras
    - neon tetras
    -ruby barbs
    -cory doras
    - hill stream loaches
    - otocinclus
    -amano shrimp
    -sunshine pleco

    Im pretty sure i missed a fish or two. I do apologize.

    I thought it could be the barbs, but my female half moon is fine and has longer fins than my male.

    kordon Methlyne blue is what im using for the fungus treatment.
  5. CheshireKat

    CheshireKatWell Known MemberMember

    Unless you're actually seeing fungus or cause for usage, I'd stop the MB.
    So, he probably was bullied and attacked in the main tank and was lying low and likely wasn't very happy. Now he could very well be depressed from going from a castle to a cardboard box, so to speak. That's what happened to my female betta when I had to separate her when she was getting way too fat living with platies and mollies. She didn't care for the breeder box I'd put her in to fast and acted depressed.

    As to the bullies... I'm not quite sure. The barbs were my initial concern, but after reading about them, they're not supposed to be very nippy or aggressive. Never know though, there are always individuals of a species who go against the grain. The other possibility is the female betta. They are still territorial and can do damage (one of my females has a messed up tail right now after the other one squeezed under the tank divider and chomped it).
    I don't know anything about rainbow fish, so I'm not certain about them. I don't think they'd be the problem though.

    I don't think he should be put back in the tank though. I don't think he'd be a good community fish. Since bettas spend a lot of time isolated in cups, they don't get much socialization with other fish and some don't handle community tanks well (one of my female bettas was super stressed and did not like it at all). Being bullied/attacked has also not been a good experience or good impression for him. I think your rainbows get rather large, which could be intimidating him.

    Is there the possibility he has fin rot? Or does it look like his fins have been nipped or bit?
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  6. OP

    HamadNew MemberMember


    This is a photo of him as of now.
    I do not know if that is fin rot or an injury.

    Im currently readying a 10 gallon all for himself, it used to be a shrimp tank with no heater so i moved the shrimp and put in a heater..just waiting for the water to be heated up again. Hope that helps!
    I just wanted to make sure i didnt miss anything so i vould treat it before moving him to a 10 gallon and treat that instead of 1.5 gallons.

    So it might be he is just depressed as you said.

    I will move him in today and see what happens in the upcoming days.

    I really appreciate your help so much! Thank you!
  7. CheshireKat

    CheshireKatWell Known MemberMember

    I've never dealt with fin rot myself, but that doesn't look like rot. It looks like something damaged the tail, sort of like bites. But is there anything he could have snagged his tail on?
    He also could be biting his own tail from stress.

    Here's some further reading on fin rot and tail biting :

    My only thing that I find confusing is his lethargy. He really doesn't look well, poor guy. I'm hoping moving to the 10 gallon will perk him up. Right now I think you should just monitor him. His scales and color all look fine. No specks or weird white things or any other changes to him?
  8. OP

    HamadNew MemberMember

    I do have decorations that could have hurt him i guess.
    But i did not notice anything different on his body, and could not see spots.
    I just noticed how much he was hiding, and how his tail was damaged.
    I really hope he gets better when i move him to his new home!
    Thanks for the help!