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Just a few days ago my friend gave me her betta fish so that I could look after him while she was
away for her trip. Unfortunately, her fish is not in the best condition and I'm worried he might die before I could give him back to her. I've had him for about 3 days now, and he hasn't eaten a single piece of food I've offered him. I've tried different kinds of pellets, flakes, and freeze dried blood worms, none of which seem to interest him at all. Despite the lack of interest in food, he is also very lethargic and often stays at the bottom of the container he is in at the moment. The only time he does move is when he would swim up to gulp for some air. He has very damaged fins and I also notice that parts of it come off, he has a hard time swimming and moving around, and his color is very pale. He basically shows all the signs of a sick and unhealthy betta fish.

He is in a small container right now, where I keep the water level low so he has an easier time
swimming up for air. I do 90% water changes every day to make up for the absence of a filter and cycled water. I also add stress coat and aquarium salt in hopes to slightly improve his condition. Please let me know what you think is causing his sickness and if there is any medication I could use to help him get better. Down below are pictures of him and his current state.


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Zigi Zig

Some fish will show stress just to been moved from one place to another if you think her fish was already show sickess at the first place moving to another location could trigger fish sickness. It could be anything as you say your water is cycle is great but what about Tamp,PH and Nitrates, What is your friend water parameters? old is the fish?
It looks to me fish showing Fin Rot, Usually, fin rot is identifiable because the edges of your betta's fins become blackened or bloody, or there is a rapid loss of fin tissue. Is a treatable bacterial infection that is often caused by poor water conditions.
You may want start an antibacterial fin rot treatment. You can find this medication over the counter at your LPS.


I just wanted to say she is right about moving the betta from where he was to another place would be stressfull. Especially, if he was in a bigger and warmer place and now is cold and frightened. And especially if he is a older betta. This stress won't help at all with his fin rot which is what it looks like he has. Is he a crowntail beta? I only ask because when I first looked at him his fins looked like he was a crown tail until you said one fell off. So yes no matter what he has a problem with his tail but if he was a crown tail to begin with it might look worse than it is. Although I agree he looks quite ill. Too bad there wasn't a way to get him back in his original tank. And although he needs clean water being where he is right now to keep ammonia and nitrites out it isn't good to continuously change his water either. You are in a hard spot to be in. But I definitely would try to get some medication for fin rot and try to keep his water warmer if possible between 76 and 80. What was it back home in his tank? Is it possible to talk to the person that owns the fish?


I just noticed after I wrote my post that this is a bit old. So, did the owner come back? Did the fish make it?

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