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Sick Betta, Dropsy? Help

  1. Beauseph613 New Member Member

    So on Monday when I got home from work I went to my betta's tank to feed him but he was not there to greet me as usual. After searching the heavily planted tank, I found him very lethargic on the substrate hiding in the wisteria. He came to the surface and I noticed that his right eye was swollen and cloudy. He was also refusing to eat. I tested my parameters and everything checked out there. I performed a massive water change to be safe and rushed to my lps and bought kanaplex. When I got home I noticed that his head was starting to pinecone and he was still refusing to eat. I am unsure if he has dropsy since his belly is not swollen, only his head (mostly the right side where his eye bulges). So I started the kanaplex that night. He became more energetic on tuesday and is eating but his eye and head are still swollen. I decided to start treating with epsom salt baths tonight. While he was in the bath I noticed tiny white specs on his body that I did not see on him in his tank. I am afraid that this might be ich aswell. I am fairly new to the hobby and have never experienced any diseases or illnesses before, so I am unsure if this is popeye, dropsy, etc and if I am doing the right treatment. The tank is 6.2 gal and 76 degrees. I do weekly 33% water changes and feed once daily with Sunday being a fast day.
  2. Beauseph613 New Member Member

    Here are some pics. Oh and I have had the betta for about a year.

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  3. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Unilateral popeye is indicative of an injury. It doesn't look like he has dropsy to me. It sounds like you're doing everything right - I hope he improves!
  4. Beauseph613 New Member Member

    This is great to hear! Thanks!

  5. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Hopefully it's not something like a tumor :(
  6. Beauseph613 New Member Member

    I hope not. He seems to have responded well to the epsom salt bath. He is out and about all over the tank instead of hiding at the bottom in the plants.

  7. InsanityShard Well Known Member Member

    Doesn't seem like a tumor to me, more like his eye got injured somehow and got infected... Keep at it! You're doing well.
  8. Beauseph613 New Member Member

    So an update on my betta. His condition has been all over the place. Some days he lays at the bottom of the tank motionless and other days he swims around like all is ok. The swollen area around his eye is still swollen/no change. I dosed the kanaplex for the full duration per the box. I have done Epsom salt baths several times a week which seem to make him feel better but do nothing for the swollen area of his eye. I have also been dosing betafix for several days (after the kanaplex to help with the injury). I returned today after being gone since yesterday morning and his condition has deteriorated. Refusing to eat, hiding, and a white spot developed on his head. Any advice on what to do? I’ve attached photos from the past week with the last one being from tonight.

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  9. Beauseph613 New Member Member

    More pics

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  10. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    You could try a different antibiotic that is supposed to treat things Kanaplex may not, like erythromycin. I don't think it'd be cruel to euthanize him though, if he's that bad :(

    Bettafix is pretty useless, by the way, so I wouldn't bother buying it again.
  11. Beauseph613 New Member Member

    Thanks for the reply. That’s good to know about Bettafix. The strange thing is that the day after I posted the update he has been acting totally normal again swimming around, eating, greeting me when I come to the tank, etc. the white spot also disappeared but his face is still swollen and kinda red/white (hard to tell with his coloration). So with all that said I am not ready to give up on him yet.

    I have erythromycin on hand so I will start that today. Any idea if it is invert safe?

    Would switching from an Epsom salt bath to an aquarium salt bath be of any use?

    Thanks for the help
  12. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I don't know off the top of my head if it's safe for inverts. Do a bit of googling and check.

    Glad he's doing better!

    No, I don't think aquarium salt is better than epsom salt.
  13. Beauseph613 New Member Member

    Unfortunately my betta took a severe turn for the worse lastnight. His other eye became severely swollen. He was basically blind in both eyes and either laid on the bottom of the tank motionless or rested on plants at the surface. I decided to euthanize him tonight so he would not suffer any more. Thanks again for the help.
  14. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I'm sorry for your loss!
  15. Toothless17 New Member Member

    Oh my goodness, what a rollercoaster ride you both have been on.

    I'm so sorry you lost him. Beautiful boy.

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