Sick Beta, What Is It.

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Targetpirate, Apr 18, 2018.

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  2. DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    I would say yes but there might be something else going on. Is he swollen and are his scales sticking out like a pine cone?

    Are the ends of his fins fuzzy or is it just the picture?

    Can you tell us the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels? Is this a new tank and is it cycled?
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    I agree with Demeter, it looks like fin rot but he looks like he's also ill.
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    Nitrate 20 nitrite 0 pH 7.0 kh 40 and Ammonia 0 the tank is almost 2yrs old his scales are not sticking out and he's not bloating but his long fins are stuck together at the ends and one has a white fuzzy thing on them and he's not eating.

    I did a partial water change and put beta fix in the tank is there anything else I can do.
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    The white fuzzy thing is most likely fungus, you will need to get some medication for it :)

    I wouldn’t recommend bettafix as even though it is for Bettas it contains tee tree which coats their labyrinth lung and can potentially kill them
  7. Warren TylerNew MemberMember

    Yes there looks like something else is going on and we are now treating the symptoms of some kind of underlying ailment.. anything else you notice before this happened? did his stool change at all, or any flashing before the rot, or anything else change in his behavior? Fin rot is usually a symptom of something else if your water conditions are kept at good levels, as a healthy Betta in clean water fights it off on his own or would never get it...

    I feel for you :) I too have not noticed till it was to late that my Betta(s) was sick and then its hard to tell what treatment to do :/ In the worst cases when I can't figure it out, I have used Seachem Polygaurd, I have saved my fish with this when unsure that was the underlying problem, but this is hard on the fish and some have not survived, this will kill all the bacteria in the tank as well.
  8. TargetpirateValued MemberMember

    He's been acting normal until yesterday when he stopped eating then today I noticed his fins the only other thing I've noticed was he's been laying on top of his heater alot.
  9. Warren TylerNew MemberMember

    Look really close at the anus :eek:, you see any clear worm like or stringy ? If its there it is hard to see.. Dose he have any trouble getting to the top or bottom of the tank when he swims? No darting around the tank? You will need to treat the fin rot regardless as he is not able to, but we will still need to find out why he can't fight this off, it could be an internal parasite/bacteria infection compromising his immune system... Any additions to the tank lately? any big changes to the tank??
  10. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    Your guy looks bloated and his swim bladder looks enlarged. How much are you feeding him?
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    Mine get 3 pellets once a day. Two days a week they are substituted with 2 blood worms or a few brine shrimp. They are fasted once a week. I know this is hard when you only have one betta so the 3 pellets a day is fine. They can actually survive on a lot less. I have seen a lot of problems develop with overfed bettas and normally things are not attributed to overfeeding but it does play a role. Let's just see how the betta fix does along with water changes. I would try to change his eating habits IMO.
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    Sometimes he does dart around and then he swims into the pots that is in his tank I don't see any worms and he likes to float at the top close to the heater and I haven't added anything new to his tank except I replaced his heater.
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    I just thought of one thing, I do use bottled beta water for his partial water changes could that be the problem??
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    No probably not but you should save the money and just use conditioned tap water, because that's literally what they're selling you in the betta water bottles
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