Sick Bala SHark

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    luvmytank New Member Member

    I have a Bala shark with ammonia poisoning. He has lost weight and is looking quite ill. I have done a partial water change, and am planning another 30% tonight with the vacuum. My big question is, does he have a chance of making it? He has a red streak on his dorsal, and tail, however, both have gotten lighter with the water change yesterday. He is swimming straight, I have added more air to the tank, and he did eat a very small amount today. I have a 55 gallon tank with 2 bala sharks, 3 cory catfish, 2 plecostomus, and 1 pictus catfish. I have never had any issues with my tank before, and have lost very few fish, in fact no deaths in the last year. :;hi1
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    STLBluesFan Valued Member Member

    well i can tell you that your tank is extremely over stocked and that probably is the number 1 reason why ammonia is effecting your fish. unless your pleco are of the smaller variety they need a much much bigger tank. and im not sure but i would think 2 bala sharks alone would need a bigger tank in the long run, bala sharks can get over a foot long, and pleco over 2 foot long.
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    catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

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    I agree that your tank is overstocked. What is it filtered with? What are your current water parameters?

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