Sick Angelfish? Help

  1. fresh water Member Member

    I dont know what is wrong with my juvenile Angels. I have 25 juvenile Angels from a spawn in a 135gal tank to grow out. All has been going good they are about 2" now. 2 weeks ago i did something very stupid. I bought 5 juvenile Smokey Angels and added them right in with my other Angels no quarentine. I know it was stupid but i wanted them very badly and my quarentine tank was already in use.:oops: So now to my problem, A couple of days ago the 5 Smokies started not to eat as much, bellies look bloated, they started to sit on the bottom leaning on the sides of the tank all clumped together. Now 6 or 7 of my Angels are doing the same thing. 50% water change and gave them a dose of garlic yesterday, they are a bit more active today. What else should i do? Is it Parasites? 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 20ppm nitrate 80 water temp :;thx
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    oh no!! whats their normal diet?
  3. catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    I would do daily water changes for a week and see if anything changes. Maybe even fast them for a day.

    What's their staple food?
  4. fresh water Member Member

    several different kinds of flake food. Colbalt, Theramin, Omega one and blood worms or Brine shrimp every few days. I did fast them tuesday and wednesday. Thursday did 50% water change and gave them Kent Garlic extreem and some food. Friday today they are looking better only 3 of them acting funny. I just feed them they all ate, the 3 sitting on the bottom just a few bites. I just went LFS, he is thinking parasites and sold me Jungle Internal Parasite Guard. I havent used it, not really sure it is the proper course of action, also the bottle he said i needed, i found out once i got home and put my glasses on and read the fine print, it says the whole bottle treats 75 gallons and i have 135 gallons which he knew, so now iam not so sure about his advice. Do you think daily water changes will be enough? How much water should be changed daily? and for how long?
  5. catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    Many times pristine water is all that's needed. Fish can heal themselves with no stress.

    If you suspect parasites, but not velvet, raise the temp. Heat kills the parasites.
  6. fresh water Member Member

    I remeber reading a thread on here about parasites. Yes it did say to raise temp but how high? also it said to increase salt level? Yes i still use salt, right now a tbl spoon for 10 gal. Should i add more salt to?
  7. fresh water Member Member

    any ideas. I would like to start my water change right away?
  8. luke355027355027 Well Known Member Member

    I have had a sick angel before and salt with higher temp and daily water changes helped. I forgot what he had but he was on the bottom of the tank not moving or eating
  9. fresh water Member Member

    So what do you think raise temp to 85? and double to salt 1 tbl spoon per 5 gallons?
  10. catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    Stop the salt. It will kill angels. They need fresh water. Do a couple of large water changes this weekend to get some of that salt out if your tank. Odds are this will "fix" the problem.
  11. fresh water Member Member

    UPDATE on sick Angels. After a week of doing water changes, 50% every other day they all seem to be doing well, eating, swimming just like before. Iam glade i didn't use the Meds. I think i figured out the problem. Carbon monoxide poisoning. The fish room has its own furnace and i had been working out there during the week for 3 or 4 hours one day, I got very dizzy and sick to my stomach and after that a very bad headach. My wife came out said she could smell fumes. The next day after i felt better I opened all the doors on the building and checked the furnace and it did have a crack. So it now makes sence that the 2 tanks with the sump filters on the floor, had both gone down hill so quickly and looked so sick. The gas was maybe building up in the sump, they get most of there airation from the sump. Do you think this could have made my fish SICK. Bye the way I also have a new furnace now
  12. catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member


    Sounds like it was a very close call for your family and your wet fins. Yes CO gas will be absorbed into the water just like CO2 gas. I'm sure that's what was going on.

    A very close call indeed with all the electrical equipment. Just glad you figured it out and were able to take care of it so quickly.
  13. fresh water Member Member

    Yes it was a close call. The bad part is that the carbon monoxide detector alarm didn't even go off. Just glad it was out in the shop not in the house. On a sad note my platinium did not make it. She looked like she was pulling out of it and then this morning she was dead. She had just starting laying eggs recently to (SO MAD) :mad::mad: