Sick African Dwarf Frog?

Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by astertk, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. astertkValued MemberMember

    My friend was given an african dwarf frog, given to him in a bowl. he got him into a 5 gallon tank, but it was unfiltered and unheated. I got him a filter, heater, and a bottle of TSS a few days ago. Now his frog is belly up at the bottom of the tank and not moving much. Help?

  2. AJEWell Known MemberMember


  3. astertkValued MemberMember

    56855139-3B38-4D47-9BCA-FC7E91842EAE.jpegCCAE7736-F865-4113-B079-E6B853897721.jpeg Here’s a couple. He was on the other side of the tank a few minutes ago, so I guess he’s moving a bit more.

  4. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    Are their air lines? Maybe another frog or just another tank mate will cheer him up

    Or give him an earth worm.
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  5. astertkValued MemberMember

    There’s an air line into the filter. My friend was planning on getting another frog/a snail, but after living in a bowl for two years he wasn’t super healthy. He wanted to wait until he had improved a bit so that if he didn’t get along with them he wouldn’t get hurt by the other frog. Does he look healthy?
  6. AJEWell Known MemberMember

    He looks thin. You could probably get two more frogs, a snail and some shrimp:)
  7. LilBlubWell Known MemberMember

    He looks very thin. Try to get him to eat! I’ve never seen one that scrawny before... Hopefully he’ll start to gain weight soon.
  8. astertkValued MemberMember

    He’s apparently being fed quite a bit, but not eating all he’s being fed. He’s currently getting bloodworms, is there anything ADFs typically like more that he might eat more of?
  9. LilBlubWell Known MemberMember

    I gave mine pellets, but they always loved bloodworms... Maybe he can’t find them? They’re not the best at, you know, seeing things. You could try putting him in a little Tupperware container or bowl, and putting some worms right in front of his face. I did that with one of my elderly frogs who couldn’t find food, it definitely helped.
  10. astertkValued MemberMember

    Apparently they’re freeze dried, I just saw that freeze dried foods can cause blockages. I’m asking if he can get to a pet store to get some frozen.
  11. LilBlubWell Known MemberMember

    Yeah, they do best with frozen because the freeze dried are, well, dry. Dried food isn’t great for their digestion.

    If he just doesn’t seem interested in food, he may be sick... But I hope not. I looked into it a bit and if he is sick, it’s most likely a bacterial infection. That can cause them to stop eating and lose weight.
  12. astertkValued MemberMember

    Apparently he isn’t moving at all and is just floating... My friend thinks he’s dead.
  13. LilBlubWell Known MemberMember

    On his back? If he’s floating on his stomach that’s normal frog behavior. Have your friend give him a gentle touch and see if he moves at all.
  14. astertkValued MemberMember

    He did and he didn’t move
  15. LilBlubWell Known MemberMember

    I’m sorry to hear that. He looked pretty bad, so I’m not surprised, but it still sucks.

    Just make sure he’s really dead before you dispose of him.

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