Sick African Dwarf Frog!

Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by nuclearTOILET, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Guys I need help, my African Dwarf Frog was perfectly healthy until I messed up and didn't clean the aquarium for 2-3 weeks. It's a 5 gallon tank with one gourami, and two ADFs. I cleaned his tank yesterday 100% because it was so gross looking. When I went to look at my little African Dwarf today, his mouth was red, he had a hole in his foot, and seems to have a strange white growth on his mouth (I'll add pictures).

    I've moved him to 1 gallon isolation tank that I added some Melafix (0.5ml), aquarium salt, Stress-coat, and Marineland Total Care Aquarium Bacteria (5.9 ml to cycle the tank quickly). The water level in the tank is also 4 inches high so he can easily swim up for oxygen. I also have a heater set up to keep the water at around 79-80 degrees.

    In the old tank, he spent almost all his time floating around the top of the aquarium, now he is swimming around the bottom. I don't know yet if he has stopped eating, as I don't usually watch them feed.

    Is there anything else I can do to speed up healing, and what do you think I going on with him?

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    I'm do you know they are getting enough to eat if you don't watch? Doesn't the gourami scarf everything up before the slowpokes can get any?

  4. nuclearTOILETNew MemberMember

    well actually it's usually the Gourami I'm worried about not getting enough to eat. I put all the bloodworms in the corner of the tank and I've witnessed occasionally them bite my Gourami to keep him away from the food before, so he only eats what floats around in the water or at the top. Thankfully my frogs hate pellets so I can at least feed my Gourami that.

    Tomorrow I'll be giving them their breakfast. I'll update you guys on whether or not he is eating.

    Do you guys think this is just a bacterial infection?

    He has not eaten anything yet, and his mouth issue is getting worse. I think it's oozing a bit of blood.
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    I'm so sorry. Wish I knew what to suggest!

    Could you post a picture of him?
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  8. nuclearTOILETNew MemberMember

    Update: I added a small filter to help keep the water perfect, and starting treating him with Primafix at a dose of 0.7ml. He still hasn't been eating his bloodworms, so I am considering making a soft gel food for him to see if he will eat that. He isn't floating constantly, but his mouth still looks very infected. He is still active.

    Also I forgot to mention his name. This is Louis.

    I'll just add links then, as on my screen they show up automatically.

    Here is a close up of his mouth infection today:
    This is him from a view where you can see the hole in the foot yesterday:
    This is him from a top view taken yesterday:
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    I'm so sorry, but there is nothing clickable on those links. I don't know how to get to those pics. Do I have to download Imgur or something?
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    Maybe this will help. I uploaded the pictures to the forum.
    I couldn't grab the first one. It is a close up of the snout/mouth.

    nuclearTOILET 2.jpgnuclearTOILET 3.jpg
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    Did a bit of research, and most sites say aquarium salt is bad for frogs.

    Since it looks like a bacterial infection, I would use Maracyn 2, which is safe for inverts.

    I would do a water change and get the salt and Pimafix out of the tank, then treat with Maracyn 2.

    Does he always look so bloated? You might want to check out using an Epsom salt bath, try to draw out some of that fluid.

    I'm going to try to get you some more experienced help than me.

    Please do some research, since I've never actually dealt with something like this.

    @TFrema can you help?
  13. nuclearTOILETNew MemberMember

    No, Louis was never this bloated. Also, he died this morning. When I examined his corpse, he had what looked to be red pimples on his legs and feet.
  14. KarenSoCalWell Known MemberMember

    Oh, I'm so sorry about Louis! They really are delicate creatures, but so sweet.

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