shy red eyes?

Discussion in 'Tetras' started by genie, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. genie

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    I have a 55 gallon with 5 red eye tetras in it... and 3 ghost shrimp. It is cycled and I am slowly starting to stock it. My red eye tetras always hide.... I hardly ever see them unless the light is off. Is that normal? Would it help to add a few more??
  2. Aquarist

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    Hello Genie,

    From what I've read, Red Eyed Tetras should be kept in groups of 5 or more. I see that you just started your tank this month. Chances are the fish just need more time to adapt to their new home. I'm sure you'll get more responses.

    How did you cycle your tank? Seeding? Tetra Safe Start?

    Best wishes!
  3. LyndaB

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    Fish usually take awhile to settle in to their new environment. I have had red eyes in the past (love them!) and believe me, soon they'll be all over the place and bickering (a little) amongst themselves. Very pretty fish!
  4. OP

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    My cycling was the strangest thing. I bought the tank used... gravel, filter.... the whole nine yards. Well I fully expected to have to go through the whole cycle thing for the next two months. But amazingly it just cycled fast. I guess you could call it "seeding" because the guy hadn't had the tank torn down for long and he kept the filter and gravel wet. I just got way lucky but after 2.5 weeks I was reading 0-0-10. Freaking miracle.... Must be Miracle Max (yes that was a Princess Bride reference)