shy kribs??

  1. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    i have a pair of kribs in pretty much there own tank....i saw eggs a few days ago and now are gone from the wall....i see the female picking at the floor of the cave constantly....i don't know if there wigglers now.... i hope they didnt eat them, the male still seems to guard the cave......what do you guys think...i don't want to open the cave just to see and disturb anything.....another question if the fish have fry will they be less shy and come out of the cave on a regular basis or will they stay in the cave most of the time since there are no dither fish??? when i had to mollies in there the male spent a lot of time outside...but now he seems shy again....anybody know???
  2. Kerber23 Member Member

    If you dont see them soon, they might have been eaten. They should be around the parents because eggs hatch 2-3 days.As for the picking. My rams often "clean" their cave, wich might also explain the picking. My best advice, is to keep at it. My rams havent had a sucess in breeding yet.But in time they will learn it. I wish you the best of luck :) Kribs are an amazing fish.

  3. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    the eggs were laid last you think i should be able to see them by now??
  4. Kerber23 Member Member

    Yes... the longest hatching was 8 days... so if they are alive the should be visible :/ keep trying :D makes sucess that much more awsome was this the first time they had laid eggs?

  5. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    what a bummer...if they are gone....she tried once with another partner, but i'm not sure if the eggs were laid...this is the first time with this partner...
  6. Kerber23 Member Member

    ah dont worry then... it takes a wile for them to wake up and act like grownups. All i can say is persistance... Whats PH and temp set to? (perfect PH =8ish and temp 80-82)
  7. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    ph seems good, temp. is between 78-80

  8. Kerber23 Member Member

    Then all you have to do is keep trying... try some condition food? Frozen shrimp etc. my Cichlids really get a kick out of it
  9. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    so after they loose their first batch how much time do they usually wait before they try again...
  10. Kerber23 Member Member

    Hmm... I honestly dont know... My rams breed Monthly... but they are diffrent... i cant imagine it would be much longer... adding some live plants may help make them a little happier (not only that but for a dull penny it can help keep your tank really clean) but if they are breeding then all you have to do is wait :) they arent picky breeders.

    Also "Not at all picky. If you want to color them up or breed them, add frozen or live foods to their dessert menu. Another secret: Give them several small feedings per day. Your chances of having babies go way up when you give them plentiful food. Warning: Do not overfeed. Stick with small feedings. " this website might help... i use it for my rams and find it useful, Kribensis.htm

  11. raptorsvt79 Well Known Member Member

    this is what there doing now....the male goes from one cave to the other and the female does the if they are switching off.....they are digging in another cave and moving gravel around.....i wonder what they are doing...
  12. Kerber23 Member Member

    Alas only time will tell
  13. TedsTank Well Known Member Member

    Please note that although Kribs are technically from africa, they do prefer a lower ph than the 8 ish. as they are not African Lake cichlids.

    Ram's prefer the same lower Ph waters. If the Ph is too high for the species you may never get a hatch, although they will spawn.
  14. Kerber23 Member Member