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    Hello. I have a 30 gallon tank. It has multiple large mature Anubias in it as well as driftwood. The tank has been set up for over a year and has 4 albino Corys in it. Canister filter, heater (80f), led light although very low lighting. Ive been doing a 20% water change every other day since getting the angel, before that I had only the Corys and my plants and did a slightly bigger change once a week.

    I got one koi angel at my local pet shop two weeks ago. The angels body is roughly a bit smaller than my palm.

    My question is in regards to how shy the fish is. It eats when I leave the room (I peek) although never comes out for food aggressively when I fed. It does come out and cruise the tank if no one is walking around. But it consistantly hides behind my big Anubias plants in the tight space behind them. If I do a water change or otherwise disturb it more than usual, it may stay there the entire day.

    I've only had the fish two weeks. Will this behaviour likely get better? I see many keepers mention how their angels beg for food, cruise the tank constantly, etc. Another suggestion I have had is adding some platys to tank to make angel more comfortable. But I'm not really interested in more fish, especially not in a 30 gallon (despite my plan to upgrade) Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Welcome to fishlore!!!
    That is definitely not the behavior of a healthy angel. They are very very interactive. They should not run and hide when they see you.

    I'd like to say that it will get better. Because the behavior is normal for a new angel that is getting used to a new environment. But after 2 weeks I would think you would see a change by now.

    Can you share a photo of him?

    What you describe is the behavior of a stressed angel. Its a positive thing that it is eating though!! Have you seen any poop? Stress can be caused by so many different things.

    I know you said you have been doing a lot of water changes since you got him. But have you tested the parameters just to see what they are at? What is the temperature of the tank?

    I wouldn't add platys in hopes of making the fish more comfortable. I don't see how that would help anything. Adding more fish could even add to the stress to be honest. And if you don't want more fish, definitely do not get more.

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    Yep, I've seen poop. The tank is at 80f. I have two pictures I got the chance to take of him and I'll attach that here. I have other tanks and test my water regularly. Nothing new on this one. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate is 10-20. The Corys in the tank are in great health and acting no different than usual. The angel does not seem bothered by the Corys so I don't think it's them.

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    Well...the fins look good and the coloring looks very good. In a still photo, it looks like a very healthy fish.

    The behavior is slightly alarming, but maybe he is just still getting used to the new environment.

    What did the poop look like?
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    I don't really know how to describe it, I mean it didn't look surprising or weird to me. This is my first angel, but in past I've kept cichlids, betta, freshwater shrimp, gourami etc etc.

    At the fish store, the angel was in a bare bottom tank with five other angels (one smaller, four a bit larger) and a couple other species of large fish. So I'm wondering if going from the group to just on its own is part of the issue.
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    As long as the poop is not white or stringy you should be fine.
    Did you know angels are cichlids? So yes, this is your first angel, but not your first cichlid!

    And yes, moving from the store where he had some buddies could make him feel confused and alone temporarily. The change in water chemistry between the store and your tank can cause stress temporarily. But honestly, after 2 weeks, he should be settling in by now. In my experience anyway...angels have "made themselves at home" by the time I have had them for 2 weeks. Whether they are alone or with other angels.

    Give him a little more time. Maybe he is just taking a little longer to get comfortable.
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    Beautiful angel! I agree with @bizaliz3. Give him some time and let him adjust to his new environment. If he feels shy and nervous after a few weeks, then I would and try to add some dither fish.
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    Hi! Aw, sweet angel. I agree with all mentioned. I kind of went through the same situation recently. I have 3 angels, and had to separate one to another tank because my newly bonded breeding pair became so aggressive toward the other. So my lone one is now in a tank of her own for just about 2 weeks and is just starting to acclimate. It was the same thing, seemed somewhat disoriented from the move, hid a lot etc.. but I am actually hitting the 2 week mark and when I woke this morning.. she was right up at the glass pleasantly swimming and begging for food. I squealed (not too loud) with delight! :shame: Give it some time I think as well. Good luck.
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    Hello fellow angel keepers. I wanted to update because I appreciate the responses. It's been 11 days since my post, so I've owned the fish coming up to a month now. After my post the fish continued to hide most of the time, with me going near the tank inducing the biggest hiding spells.

    After reading lots, and just thinking it over, I added a few platies to the tank. This has definitely helped! It has not made the fish switch personalities night and day, but we are finally at the point where the angel did not hide yesterday or today.

    And for the last few days it also doesn't take off when I feed the tank. It's not rushing to the top like I see most people's angels doing when they fed, but I bet we will be there any day now. I think it's just a shy individual, and was used to being in an aquarium with multiple other fish (angels and others)

    Now to hope it has an appetite for platy babies when they come.

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    Just a suggestion, I’m not sure where your tanks located in your house, but they have to see you around quite a bit to get used to you. So if it’s in a basement or spare room that doesn’t get much traffic, most fish will hide when seeing people. Their kinda like dogs & cats, they need attention too.