Shwartz's cory Care Guide


Schwartz's Cory
(Corydoras schwartzi)

Common names:
Schwartz's Cory, Schwartz's Corydoras, Schwartz's Cory Cat, Schwartz's Catfish.
Size: 7cm
pH: 6.0-7.5
Tempº: 22ºC - 24ºC (68 F - 75 F)
Tank region: Bottom layer
Origin: Brazil
Gender: Mature females are plumper than males.
Notes: Corydoras Catfish are very popular among aquarists because they are small, peaceful and active bottom dwellers. All Corys are gregarious and the Schwartz's is no exception; keep them in groups of their own species and they will be much healthier and happier for it. Some aquarists mix species of cory to create a mixed school, but this is not as good as a single species group. This species spends most of it's time foraging around the substrate in search of food; for this reason a soft sand substrate is advised to prevent damage to their delicate barbels. This catfish is an excellent community fish; there are very few fish that cannot be kept successfully alongside them. Corydoras can be rather shy at times, and for this reason it is reccomended that plenty of rocks and driftwood are used in the aquarium to provide cover for them. Schwartz's Corys are not fusst about diet and should eat most commercially available fish diets. When kept in good, clean conditions a school of corys will be a very active addition to the tank and will delight the aquarist with their humurous antics.


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