Shubunkin Really Sick, Please Help

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    Ok, my issue started either with new stock (all dead and LFS changed supplier because of this batch they got in- they never figured out what was wrong but most of them died like mine- no obvious consistent signs of a particular disease) or a water change which was too quick and might have shocked/ stressed my fish.
    I have posted before under topic Goldfish mouth stuck open
    But issues have changed and I really need some advice and diagnosis.

    Currently 3 Shubunkin are sick. I had these since last year. Here are pics:

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    All 3 are lethargic and sitting at the bottom constantly, were very easy to catch and have slight balance issues:

    1st fish: last one to get ill (yesterday), funny shape I think? Might have blood red 'bruise' on its side but difficult to tell due to its coloration. Not interested in food. Fins are frayed with several clean cuts
    2nd fish: 2nd to get ill (about a week ago), dropsy and blood red bruise under its belly not eating
    3rd fish: 1st to get ill, eating very quick but only if pellets sink beside him. Nothing else.

    So far I have tried water changes, salt- the dropsy fish improved for a day or so, than back to lethargic. I have quarantined and dosed the med in the pictures.

    At this stage I am not looking for advice what I should not have done as I was lost for a solution. I am looking for ideas of how you would have treated and for ideas what this could be???

    1000l pond in greenhouse (aquaponic system), running for over a year
    9 Shubunkin including 3 sick ones in quarantine
    Nitrite 0
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrate 10

    I have checked for stuff leaking in anywhere-don't think this is the issue.
    Likely the new stock has brought something in but what is happening???
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    Giving this a bump up for you
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    Thanks Coradee!
  4. OP

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    Really? Nobody? That's sad
    1st fish died today.
    I really hope my 6 still healthy fish don't get it