shubumkin goldies layed eggs what to do?

Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by navarunroy, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. navarunroyNew MemberMember

    my shubumkni goldies were wrestling since morning...around an hour ago i noticed...tiny yellowish-green..eggs lyin sticking to every possible surface inside..uh..i donno what to make of them..should i let them be..or should i take em out and brush them into a separate container(read 5 gallon) of now..since my other fishes(2 new born kois) are eating them up..i have disconnected my sponge filter..since there were atleast 20-30 eggs on it too..and put it up in my 5 12 gallon that is in which i keep my goldfishes..has an electric filter so i guess there isn't any problem for them....please tell me what to do.....about these 200 so eggs...!!!
  2. chillifishNew MemberMember

    a 12 gallon tank for 2 shubunkins is way to small. First, you should get a much bigger tank for your goldfish and another tank for the new born goldfish. That is if you want to have new cute goldfish.

    If you were prepared and saw the signs of mating, maybe a spawning mop would have been great for your goldfish to lay the eggs on.
    If you don't move the eggs from the aquarium, your goldfish will eat them for shore.

  3. peacemaker92Well Known MemberMember

    Great advice from chillifish. IMO, I would get a bigger tank say 55 gals for your 2 goldfish and leave the remaining eggs in the 12 gal alone. But if you can't get the 55 gal, the eggs would become a nice meal and maybe when you get the 55 gal, you can be more prepared when your 2 goldfish start mating again? Just a suggestion. Best of luck and keep us posted! :)
  4. platy benWell Known MemberMember

    If you intend on keeping the koi in the tank, the 55 Galllon wouldn't even be enough, you would need around 200 Gallons atleast for a couple of good size koi. I would just leave the eggs for now until you have a big enough tank to properly raise the fry. When my fish in the pond spawn I raise the fry in a 60G round tub and I still wouldn't say that is enough.
  5. navarunroyNew MemberMember

    guess i should stick to :(live bearers until i start earning..cuz iam still graduating in my 6th its apretty 2 long years before i earn...cant afford to save for a 55 gallon ..cuz i live away from my parents in this gonna be a small 12 gallon tank till then!..anyway thanks people...
  6. peacemaker92Well Known MemberMember

    Best of luck with your studies! :;bananabeer
  7. navarunroyNew MemberMember

    tank you ..peace!
  8. chillifishNew MemberMember

    good luck with the studies man... and get that tank when you have the money :)

    I searched google for some DIY aquariums. Look what I found :;banaman


    hope you get some ideas and keep searching on google for more. I see that tank has 190 gallons and the total cost was $240. I think you could do it for $50-60 or so...

    I wish you best of luck.....again :;hug2
  9. navarunroyNew MemberMember

    hey ...awesome info! thanks chillifish...i guess the running costs would be lesser than 70$...i guess ill give it a try!..after my exams...!:;drum :;rocker
  10. chillifishNew MemberMember

    no problem man, anytime. don't be a stranger and let us know how is your progress after you passed all your exams.

    best of luck :)

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