Shrimplets!! (y’all Got Yabbies?)

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    So my massive shrimp colony accidentally got nearly totally annihilated... but low and behold there are brand new shrimplets around!!!
    I’ve had some good luck lately from all the hardcore daily maintenance (2 water changes a day for a few days to treat an ammonia spike). Things are cycling, levels are good. I think I am about at 3 weeks since a major cycle crash. The mu-tang shrimp clan are breeding!
    Just gotta keep an eye on it for a little longer with the nitrites and we should be sweet to buffer the shrimp colony with some new fire red members ^.^

    Does anyone here have a yabby setup? While visiting the local LFS I fell in love with electric blues, and seeing them around fishlore. I’d like to give them a new setup of their own of course. Gosh I just love crustaceans :3
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    Yeah ikr Cityfarmers started selling them pretty sick, I heard they eat each other if one is bigger than the other though and a ten gallon can support two yabbies supposedly, they are also vegetarian but messy eaters so you don't want to overfeed them, they do need a lot of shelter to hide in when they molt and I guess for territories. Also yabbies love to dig up lants so I don't think a planted tank is an option with these guys. However if you manage to get a berried female that would be so cool. People us PVC pipes as little burrows for yabbies, I reckon that you need a deeper substrate too since they dig a bit.

    Goodluck! Keep us updated : )
  3. OP
    Professor Catfish

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    Oh, yes I'd ideally like 55L at least for them. With the plant issue, it would be a sandy beach/stone scape, something like my partner has for cichlids. That looks great with pipes and things like that. Something reminiscent of the chase scene in finding nemo :p
    Thanks for the response, very informative ^.^
    It's such a shame when a breed gets popular they start coming out sick and problematic :/
    I have a lot of ethical qualms about that myself.

    Even just your plain old yabby you see at the LFS holds my attention for a long time :p
    My partner after wandering around the store 'you're still looking at those yabby's??' YES haha.
  4. Neutral-Waterinos

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    Yeah apparently they can breed within ten minutes of meeting each other! Just has to do with how passive the male is, sandy beach stone scape sounds great!
    I personally like to use some clay pots from bunnings tie a little moss or just let algae grow on it and it make a nice little hide out.
    The electric blue yabbies are just stunning, I think just like shrimp if you have a darker substrate and feed them well they colour up really nicely.
    I reckon you could still do some plants that are hardy and if you wedge it into rocks etc, java moss Hornwort just to name a few could do in a yabby tank.
    However I would like to note we used to have a pond in our backyard and we had a ton of yabbies on it, all it took was one missed yabby and the lot of them were infected by worms, which attached and laid eggs on the shell, a quick remedy if this happens is dipping the yabbies in a diluted hydro peroxide solution and they come right off. :)
    Also if your looking for a cheaper deal check out gumtree first, though I just checked and I saw a bloke selling a male electric for $100 in Blackwood, a tad bit overpriced I reckon lol. Imagine if you found one of those albino yabbies : o
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