Shrimp Tankmate With Betta?


So, for a while, I've been having an issue with food residue build up/algae build up in my 20 tall. I want to add shrimp to it, snails are out of the question because the lid has a huge gap in the back for the filter, but I have a betta in there? Its current tank mates are a school of neon tetras and a guppy- don't kill me, my betta is one of the most peaceful creatures I have ever met and tends to swim side-by-side with the guppy, I swear they're friends. I believe it is understocked(?) which is why they tend to not eat all of the leftovers.

tl;dr: I just need a shrimp/bottom feeder to clean the tank that won't attack my (very peaceful) betta



maggie thecat

You can have shrimp. Ghosts or cherry. Many betta keepers have one or the other, if not both, as long as their betta doesn't mind. I keep them in my betta tanks with no issue.

Btw, you can use plastic craft net (the stuff for rug hooking) and black duct tape to seal gaps and holes in your hood. Works a treat and keeps everyone in their place.


Is covering the lid gaps not an option you want to consider if snails are desired? Folks have used plastic wrap, cardboard, fiberglass or stainless screen, plastic craft mesh, etc.


You could go with shrimp, or a group of the higher temp corys.


You could add more guppies, mine never stop picking at things in the tank. I've had luck with amano and ghost shrimp although some bettas do like shrimp so maybe try a few ghost shrimp at first. I don't have a lid and my snails have never escaped, granted I do keep the tank level lower so my mystery's can lay eggs.

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