Shrimp Tank Mates?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by Tuesday, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Tuesday

    TuesdayValued MemberMember

    Hello everybody!
    I have a 75 gallon moderately planted tank.
    right now we're looking at
    10 red rilis,
    4 guppies
    1 Pleco(11')
    1 glass catfish (small, 2 inches or so)
    and a clam.
    terribly interesting, I know.
    And thats my issue.
    The guppy gang was SUPER cool up until they started fin nipping at each other and all that nasty behavior. So I'm looking for tank mates. I know everybody is going to say Ottos. But honestly I don't know why, I can't stand them. I feel the same way about Pennsylvania. No explanation, just do.
    So thats pretty out of the question.
    My requirements/ wishlist (I'm also aware this is going to be shot down asap)
    -Different. The guppies are cool because they all look different. I want each fish to have their own name and be able to be picked out and identified. So schooling fish aren't really going to work.
    -Pretty. Up to your interpretation, I suppose.
    -Going to be okay with a high pH. Mine is right around 8, where I've been told to leave it and the fish will adapt, instead of try to mess with it.
    -Its a community tank, so Id like it if they could play nice.
    I pulled this list from a different website ***NOT MY LIST***
    - Celestrial Pearl Danio
    - Badis
    - Snails
    - Cardinals
    - Albino Cory
    - Guppy Fries
    - Dwarf Cray
    - Von Rios
    - Plecos
    - Otocinclus
    - Bororas
    - Rasboras
    - Minnous
    - Dwarf Pencil Fish
    - Furcatus

    ** UPDATED**
    Best and Recommended for RCS TankMate so far from members icon_smile.gif
    - Ottos
    - Green Neon Tetras
    - Corys
    - Cherry Danios or red zebra danio

    Also would a hillstream loach be okay to put in here? or, at least, maybe okay?
    Also thinking about a honey gourami or two?

    And I'm wondering how accurate it is/ If you guys can pick favorites?
    *It should be noted that when I see a berried female she will be removed from the tank and put in a nano tank (with the same water from the big tank and all that jazz) where she will have her babies and they will grow out until they can be put in the big tank.
    I want to keep the shrimp in the big tank, mostly because i think little fish, huge tank, cute right?

    Its getting increasingly more annoying, so we'll see how long it lasts. But for now, Im still pretty motivated to make this happen. Ideas are so welcome and appreciated.
  2. jess3434Valued MemberMember

    I keep hillstream loaches and tehir requirements are very different than the fish you are keeping now. The need cold, fast flowing high oxygen water and are tiny compared to your huge pleco so they would most likely be quite stressed. I know it's not on your list but German Blue Rams are pretty cool. You will need to do your research before asking them and I'm not 100% sure how they would act with guppies but they are gorgeous fish.
  3. aussieJJDude

    aussieJJDudeWell Known MemberMember

    Rams will eat up the shrimp in a heartbeat. Best bet would be schoolers - most tetras, rasboras, cories and the like - work best with shrimp (but may snack on babies. ;) )
  4. Sina-keyWell Known MemberMember

    Rams are shrimp eaters even big shrimps like amanos are a pray to them
    Best fishes for shrimps are cpd,ember tetras and small rasboras like chili rasbora or espei rasbora since they are very small they won’t be a threat for a grown shrimp. Almost all the bottom dwellers are safe with shrimps kuhli loaches,pleco,corys and ottos are all safe with shrimp. For centerpiece fish male endlers and guppies are very great though they sometimes turn to pigs specially during feeding also platies are almost safe with them but not 100% honey gourami is also a great option since they are small and occupy the top level of the tank. Scarlet badis and kili fishes are good with shrimps but they are predatory fishes and they will to fit the shrimp in their mouth but they are better than rams since they are smaller. Dwarf cray might be dangerous with fishes but im not sure about it so ask from someone who keeps them I know furcatus is safe with shrimps I researched about them same with dwarf pencil fishes and minnous
    Also the glass catfish are schooling fish they might be safe with shrimps but I won’t keep them with shrimps since their natural diet are small invertebrates. And your pleco is 11 inch?? That is big
    Choose the fishes that you like and we will help to stock your tank
  5. Sanderguy777

    Sanderguy777Valued MemberMember

    Farawella, Otto, corys, dwarf gouramis, angels, geophagus, and ghost shrimp. That is my setup in a 60gal. I know that the shrimp are dinner and the gouramis may fight, but the large ghost lived for 3 weeks, so I got a few more big guys to help clean.
  6. devan221Valued MemberMember

    I LOVE my peppered cory catfish. Fishie (the male) and Play-doh (the female) - do not judge, they were named my my niece and nephew - are a bonded pair and they have had lots of babies. My 6 year old niece can easily tell the 2 of them apart. If I paid more attention, I could tell the others apart, too. I have albino cories, too, and they are hyper. If fish could take Ritalin, I'd get it for them!

    Btw.....I have shrimp.....I'd leave the berried females alone. Many of the baby shrimp will still live. Besides......moving a berried female would stress her out!
  7. leftswerve

    leftswerveWell Known MemberMember

    Anything that can fit in a fish mouth is food.
    I have two mixed tanks with cherry populations. Both tanks are very well established and somewhat planted.
    15G with a Pea Puffer and Cherry Shrimp
    65G with a long list including amano, candy cane tetras, blue danios, rio tetra, cory's, etc.
    In my opinion, with a community aquarium (rams have never been a regular community fish), the shrimp need lots of hiding spots. By lots, I mean a giant clump of hornwort does a lot. My larger shrimp aren't scared to wonder around.
    Anything that can fit in a fish mouth is food.

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