Shrimp & snails.......Again!

  1. G

    Guppy2000 Valued Member Member

    I know I already asked this question and got an answer....
    But just to make sure- a ghost shrimp won't eat any of my little pond snails, right??
    I just love the snails so much that I don't want the shrimp eating them.
    I'm sorry, I just love having my tank to be perfect.

  2. Kindafishy

    Kindafishy Valued Member Member

    I think you'll only see that behavior if the snail is dead. That's the only time my shrimps bother with the snails.
  3. L

    Linwood Valued Member Member

    Ghost Shrimp will eat ramshorn snail eggs, I suspect if they can find them they will do the same with pond snail eggs?

    Not sure about small snails, but mine of pretty aggressive if they decide something looks like food. They'll grab a sinking pellet and carry it off eating all the way.

    Edit: Here's a shot of them pigging out on a set of eggs. They are proving very efficient, I haven't seen one baby ramshorn.

  4. EricV

    EricV Fishlore VIP Member

    I doubt they'd bother live snails much if at all.

    As for the eating of eggs I actually didn't know that they would. Great use for 10 cent shrimp. I may have to go pick a few up and test out just how effective they are at controlling pest snails. :)

    Of course that would also require getting some pest snails but that isn't overly difficult lol.

    I'm always on the lookout for ways to keep undesirable snails out of my tanks and using ghost shrimp to gobble up any hidden eggs on incoming plants would definitely be worth looking into.