Shrimp, Snail And Freiland

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  1. Miaw

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    Just thought I'd share my dirty invert and fry tank. It has been running for about a year.

    In picture 2 there are some alternate colour neocaridina that came from my RCS. They look like blue rili.

    Inhabitants are:
    Ramshorn snails (Many pearl shell peach body - should probably be in a separate tank!)
    Mini ramshorns
    Trumpet snails
    CPD fry
    Geophagus Steindachneri fry

    The marimo balls have lots of scuds burrowed so you can pick them out and shake them off into a big tank, give it a squeeze then put it back in its home.

    They mostly eat cucumber slices, and tetra crusta menu. I don't have a regular water change schedule, sometimes it has been months between.
  2. Fanatic

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    I really like this tank! Those shrimp are super red!
  3. OP

    MiawValued MemberMember

    Yep. Now I have my first berried "different" shrimp. Until now my shrimp have almost always had yellow eggs. Seeing more greens now. I feel like isolating the bunch of them in another tank along with my special snails :)

    IMG_20180411_102130 - Crop.jpg

    I have thought about separating scuds by colour too. Clear ones in one tank, greenish ones in another, brown in another. Imagine having some really cool colour morphs for little peaceful tanks :)
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  4. OP

    MiawValued MemberMember

    I want to show this. Looks more vivid in person but its a green red and blue shrimp (green is eggs do it is cheating but still) :