Shrimp Salt to increase KH&GH


In my previous posts I have asked for help increasing my KH and GH.

After much research I came across this product:

This product increases both KH and GH together. Since my RO water is giving me a GH1 and KH1 it looks like this product could solve my low parameters?

Live stock:
Cardinal Tetras
Amano Shrimps
Nerite Snails
Will be adding fish soon but will be similar to tetra family

Has anyone used this product or something similar for the above fish?

PS. its a hightech planted tank with CO2 and substrate


I'm curious as well. I use a similar product (SS) for my 10G shrimp tank. I also have a 20 gallon with a pleco, some corys, amanos and a betta which I've been using equilibrium and alkaline buffer but the ph sits at about 7.6. I'm using that on RODI was so wondering the same thing - Whether I should just be re-mineralizing with something like this instead of the other two products.

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