Shrimp in a jar!

  1. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    So I'm planning to make a cute little shrimp "tank" using a 1.5 gallon glass jar. It's about 8.5 inches tall and 8.5 inches in diameter. I am currently cycling a sponge filter that will go in it, I want the jar to be cycled before the shrimp go in.

    I was curious what kind of low light plants would do well in a little thing like this? I was thinking perhaps one sort of leafy plant and then a type of moss plant. Preferably no plants that are better off with ferts because I don't really want to mess around with ferts in this tank.
    What kind of lighting to use? I am looking at getting the Finnex clip-on light made for small aquariums.
    What kind of substrate? I was looking at just getting black gravel.
    What kind of shrimp and how many? I was thinking I would get Crystal red shrimp.
    Any other things I should know or think about? I was thinking of getting maybe cholla sticks, or alder cones.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    A moss ball and an anubias nana would do well in such a set up. With perhaps a bit of subwassertang scattered about.

  3. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    You'll need to go a lot of water changes to keep your parameters in good shape. Shrimp have a small bioload, but need good quality water (almost pristine) conditions to even survive. RCS are great starter shrimp, and I'd add no more than 3-5 MAX in there. They will breed! Things like Marimo moss balls, shrimp adore them! Plus, their care is pretty much, toss it in water, done. Anubias is an easy grower and great in low light situations. Anacharis or Elodea species are very easy to grow even in the crappiest of light! Plus, they help oxygenate the water. I'd recommend an air stone for the tank too - you can get nano air stones off eBay - they work a charm for nano tanks! Plus they are super super small! Black gravel or sand would be perfect for RCS - it makes them really pop! Just keep up your water changes and they should do fine. I have a 12L (3.1G) planted low tech nano tank with 5 shrimp (2 cherry, 2 Amano and 1 b.c Rili) and I do water changes every day to keep them comfortable. Floating plants are also good like Frog-bit, Salvinia Minima and others. Have fun with your shrimp!
  4. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for all the info! Do you think it'd be much more manageable if I got a simple 5 gallon tank?

  5. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    Definitely! You'd only have to do water changes bi weekly/ weekly. Around 25-35% would do. Also, the more room, the more shrimp! If you really want to use the 'tiny tank', make a culture with it! Seriously! What I did, was get a 2L sweet jar. Filled it with about 1/2 inch of sand, added a sprig of Brazillian Elodea, and Frog-bit and then filled it with tank water (from a water change). Over the weeks, I've added ABS snails and watch then grow, I don't do water changes, and I dont to any cleaning at all! I've just let the water stagnate and do its thing. I now have detritus (two types one small an one large bristley!) and planaria worms, ostracods (clam/seed shrimp) and Cyclops! Its so cool to see these nano dudes swimming around, creating their own dirty ecosystem! But that's just me (hehehe), I love the little things!

    I love taking water samples and "microscoping" them I've found loads of tiny little dudes swimming around and its really interesting!
  6. Diego Member Member

    I have 17 RCS in a vase that is way less than a gallon, probably a liter, and they are thriving. It has no filter, airstone, or anything. Only some java moss with only light from the window. They seem happy and have bred 3 times since i put them in 2 months ago.

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  7. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    Cool! I prefer keeping them clean though myself I guess it's like keeping pigs. They do equally well in mud or a paddock!

  8. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    This is interesting. Whatever I put them in, it will have a filter, a sponge filter that I am currently cycling in my big tank. No real preference on clean or dirty, as long as they thrive. I would like a pretty hefty colony of at least 10-12. What size would you recommend for that?
  9. Diego Member Member

    10-12 is not really a colony, to start off that would be good though

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  10. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    I see I'm definitely new to shrimp