Shrimp Heads Blackening - Any Thoughts? Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Stacy Owens, Jul 11, 2019.

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    I’ve noticed some blackening on the head of 2 of my oldest shrimps. Anyone know if I have something going on? I lost a guppy 2 days ago and one is starting to look rough.

    Could it be my tap water? I’m in South Louisiana and with all the algae blooms from heat and flooding the water district may have added more chlorine/chemicals it. Could that cause this? IMG_3740.JPGIMG_3739.JPG

    -Tank was 1 month when the original 3 added and cycled
    -tank is now 3 months old
    -PH 7.4
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    nitrate 10
    -substrate is a fine gravel
    -I use facet water with prime
    -neo shrimps, guppies, Pygmy Corydoras, and nerite snails
    -problem is shrimp’s inside of their heads turning black
    -anubias, java fern, water wisteria and 3 more I don’t know the names of offhand but all are aquatic plants
    -water changes are about every 10 days with a light vacuuming
    - I added 7 guppies and about 5 shrimp on July 3, and ammonia alert sign about 2 days ago that’s the only new that’s been

    - I use thrive for a fertilizer and thrive capsules

    added IMG_3738.JPG
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    Thank you!
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    Your water perameters are fine obviously you use prime or the like, two things come to mind first is rust spot 2nd planaria worm I side the shrimp if it is the planaria she'll be dead soon if its rust spot that advanced it will still die, as this suddenly come on or as she moulted and its appeared, try and get a closer pic if you can to try and give more of a positive diagnosis, also look carefully at he and see if you can see anything moving inside if there is the shrimp will not move except for a jerky type movement
    i'm just looking on my computer and there's nothing conclusive to say its rust spot or planaria worm its almost like a pigmentation, i think thrive is shrimp safe, the ammonia may have had an effect, how long have they been in there and have they been moulting, sorry for all the questions but its a process of elimination another thing as crossed my mind the shrimps stomach is there and he may just have eaten something dark and because the shell is clear there it gives this black look if that's the case it should change as it passes through
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    Thank you for replying. I actually had thrown an algae pellet in the tank a day before this and added fish flakes because I added the fish, LOL! The coloring has gone down so I'm thinking food and me over worrying LOL! Everyone is still alive and saddled with eggs that had the darkest coloring.