Shrimp / Goby Pair hidden


So yesterday I completed something off of my "reef bucket list" and bought a shrimp goby pair .

I'm ashamed to say these guys were an impulse purchase, but I saw them in my LFS for a really good price, and was planning to get some at some point anyway so took them home.

Anyway, I've had them in my tank now for about 24hrs (I didn't quarantine, which I do, which I know is stupid, but I didn't currently have a tank ready for them, and they looked ok from initial inspection - I am prepared if anything happens, and I'll keep a VERY close eye on the tank), and they've kind of sealed off the entrance to their little cave. I saw them in the cave last night, but this morning there is a sand 'wall' at the entrance(see photo below).

My question is, is this normal? Do they do this to rearrange their 'den', and will open it up eventually? Or is it likely they've found another exit I can't see? The tank is rather large so I'll keep an eye out to see if they've moved elsewhere in the meantime.



Perfectly normal behavior. They are very prone to hiding for a while in their new environment (might not even see them for a couple of weeks) until they get comfortable and they will periodically rearrange things with their cave/burrow or even move altogether. I had a couple of Diamond Watchman Gobies that would do this all the time.

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