Shrimp feeding dilemma!!!!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Little Scorpian, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. L

    Little Scorpian New Member Member

    I'm new here but not new to fish keeping but I am be way shrimp keeping.
    My question is: how do I stop my fish eating my shrimps food before they have a chance? I bought a shrimp feeding dish as to not leave uneaten waffles cloud the water but the Devils eat then before the poor shrimp have a look in its very frustrating!
  2. H

    Happy1234 New Member Member

    Have you tried distracting the other fishes with some food at a corner away from the dish? If it does not work, do you have a spot where only the shrimp can get to, such as a small crevice, so that the other fish cannot get the food there. That is what I did for my shrimps.
  3. OP

    Little Scorpian New Member Member

    Sadly no I don't have a crevice the fish can't get to. I have shrimp caves but they can all fit into them. The shrimp take time eating and the fish eat so fast so I don't think distraction will work but I'll give it a go. Thank you
  4. H

    Happy1234 New Member Member

    No problem:;hi1
  5. el337

    el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    You can always drop the food in after lights out when the fish are sleeping.
  6. F

    Florian Pellet Well Known Member Member

    In my tank, my shrimps usually just eat whatever falls down from when the fish eat. That and the algae they scrape of the substrate and the driftwood. I almost never feed them and I have no problem at all, they're alive and well and reproducing like rabbits.
  7. OP

    Little Scorpian New Member Member

    I'm going to try bigger waffles that that fish can't fit into their greedy little mouths. See if that works!

    @Florian I don't have any algae but they do spend a lot of time cleaning things.

    el337 I doubt that'll work they're so greedy! They'd see me and know straight away I= yums.
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  8. Junne

    Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    I don't think there is a way to stop them completely but you CAN slow them down by getting lots of java moss and dropping the food in to it. The shrimp love to crawl around inside the moss, the fish not so much!
  9. OP

    Little Scorpian New Member Member

    Junne thank you for the suggestion. :)

    I will definitely try that.

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