Shrimp Eating My Guppies One By One

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HI ive got this shrimp from my lfs dut don't know what dreed it is and niether does my lfs and its been eating my guppies one by one none stop prabably had like 15 this past week
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pictures? description?
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The guy at the lfs told me that he thinks its a orange dwarf shrimp..


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Looks like a crawfish too me maybe a baby one?
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Looks like a Dwarf Mexican Crayfish.
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I hace no idea but its bussy snacking on another one of my guppies.
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Looks like a crayfish/crawfish

Its claws are too big to be a shrimp
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Crayfish are not the best choice for guppy tanks. It's one thing if he/she is eating already dead guppies but if it's catching them you should remove it.
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Thanx JoeCamaro just googled them I think ive got my awnser haha maybe I should just move it to its own separate tank??
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That's a "dwarf Mexican crayfish." Not a shrimp. It's an opportunistic feeder and is small enough it shouldn't be able to catch healthy fish.
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I have tiny guppies in the tank some of them little bigger than 1cm and when the lights go if they swim to the bottem and that's when he cathes them coz every time the lights come back on there is one or two missing or he is busy eating one.
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I think that most of the guppies died from natural causes and the crayfish started to feed on it.
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I don't think a he would be able to catch and eat a guppy, especially since he's so small, a guppy should be able to get out of his grip. He is a dwarf Mexican crayfish, that's for sure, but I am not so convinced he is catching them.
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They do actually catch fish

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Poor fish
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I would either return or separate him. Agreed with previous posters, that's no shrimp
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