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    Shrimp disease info and shrimp-safe meds

    While helping another member I found some good info about shrimp diseases I thought I would share. It seems many have problems and with shrimp there is very little info out there. Also, shrimp issues are more common in the summer due to elevated temps and higher amounts of bacterial activity in our tank.

    Shrimp Disease info with photos to help diagnose -

    Good thread with lots of good photos...


    Page from JBL info on shrimp....


    Here are some shrimp safe medications and treatments that could be used when treating shrimp and/or your fish in tank.

    1) Seachem Prime – water conditioner that removes chlorine, chloramine, and detoxifies ammonia and heavy metals

    2) Pimafix – mild treatment and/or preventative for fungal infections. Can be combined with Melafix for improved efficacy

    3) Melafix – mild treatment and/or preventative for bacterial infections. Can be combined with Pimafix for improved efficacy

    4) Kordon ICH Attack/Rid Fungus – These are 2 products which are the same just sold under 2 different names. It is a natural based treatment for Ich and or fungus

    5) Seachem Paraguard – treatment for parasites and bacterial infections

    6) Hikari Prazipro (praziquantel) – treatment for gill flukes, tapeworms and other parasites found in fish and occasionally shrimp

    7) Indian Almond Leaves – these are leaves from the Indian Almond tree. They are great natural source of anti-bacterial agents. Shrimp will also eat them as they breakdown in the tank. They are sold on eBay as well as other sources. They are thrown in the tank and will tint the water a little bit as they release tannins into the water.

    8) Alder cones – these are small pine cones from alder trees that are used much like Indian Almond leaves. They also have some anti-bacterial qualities.

    9) Fenbendazole (Dog dewormer, sold as "Panacur" or "Safe Guard") - used to treat Hydra and/or Planaria. While it is safe for shrimp,it is NOT safe for snails though. Here is a link that explains how to use it (from


    Hope this helps. Also, @ the mod team, Mike, Lucy, Aquarist, ryanr, Rivieraneo, could this be a sticky perhaps in the inverts forum, seems like a common questions recently about shrimp deaths and disease.

    EricV - do you know of any other sites with good info on shrimp disease?
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  2. Lucy

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    Thanks for writing this up Dolfan.
    It will really help members and visitors when looking for shrimp safe medications.
  3. AquaticBrandon

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    Nice write up! It should really help out new members and others too.

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  4. BornThisWayBettas

    BornThisWayBettas Fishlore VIP Member

    Nice job! I'm sure this will prove to be extremely useful to people looking to keep shrimp, or with people that are dealing with meds in a shrimp tank! :D
  5. Anders247

    Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Thanks for writing this!
  6. s

    superbutterfly12 Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! I needed this list! I've read some conflicting reporting on safety of Prazipro for nerite snails, Anyone have any experience or do I need to run an experiment on one of my poor snails?

    Definitely saving this as a reference!

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