Shrimp Dies?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Reef13G YT, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Reef13G YTValued MemberMember

    Yes it's a shrimp. Why do you cry when a little shrimp dies.
    1. Guilt

    How could've he died?
    Do you know?
    Please help I don't want anything else to die
  2. Maggie321Valued MemberMember

    You need to get a test kit. Check your water parameters and after this trouble is over, read read read! Lear all you can about it. Go read the stickies and Google different stuff.
  3. Ken OoiValued MemberMember

    I think I am well familiar with the experience of a Shrimp dying before your very eyes in a span of 20 minutes.

    Is this an only Shrimp tank? Sometimes there can be infection that is picked up by the Shrimp passed on by unwell fish.

    As you have stated no other facts apart from the grief and anxiety I would hesitate to guess this is a new tank setup?

    New tanks need to be cycled before inhabitants are introduced there.

    Acclimate your shrimp before you put in the tank. Equalize the temperature and add tank water little by little every 3 minutes then after an hour net the Shrimp into the tank and dump the bag water in the sink.

    However if you already have a tank full of shrimp mates and this new one is introduced and it dies then either you had poor quality shrimp you bought or you have incompatible water parameters. My tank has 50 shrimp and breeding new ones. But still any newly purchased shrimp added can sometimes perish.

    As one member advised check the water parameters and GH/KH as well. Then read on the net about the type of shrimp you're trying to raise. Each shrimp has different tolerances.
  4. Reef13G YTValued MemberMember

    no this is not a new setup. It's been running for a bit [etc 4 months]
    It's a FOWLR that includes coral.
    I've had snails about 3 months ago.
    Acclimation was good, and all my params are good
  5. Ken OoiValued MemberMember

    This is a marine tank set up. We thought it was fresh water. Might be a different set of events causing this.
  6. Tragic13Valued MemberMember

    Did you acclimate him? The best thing you could do it get a QT tank so that you can watch your new fish/inverts/corals for 2-3 weeks and let them acclimate to your water using a drip method for inverts, that's what I have success with. A lot of people swear by the flop and drop method but I have found I lose inverts that way more times than not.

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