Shrimp Deaths Unknown Cause

Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by Dhope, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. DhopeNew MemberMember

    Hi! I would love some help with this. I have a moderately planted shrimp tank with about 14 blue dream neocaridina shrimp in it currently. Water parameters: ammonia:0ppm, nitrites: 0ppm, nitrates: 0 ppm, gh: 8 drops, kh: 3 drops, tds: 260, ph: 6.8. The tank had been cycled for a month before adding shrimp (testing every few days to confirm the correct spikes and drops). I added 10 shrimp at first who all survived the first few weeks and became berried fairly quickly. I then added 10 more shrimp and these are the ones who have all been dying off. So far I've only had one shrimp from the original ten die (sadly a berried female....). Every day now for the last few days, I've been losing a shrimp a day (5 deaths now). I don't know what's causing it.... I will say that the ones who are dying seem to be having a hard time shedding their shells which would seem to indicate that my water is too hard but I use RO water with salty shrimp additives and my gh is within the correct parameters for neocaridina... please help!

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  2. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    Hi Dhope and welcome, first of all your perameters are spot on, using RO water with shrimp again is best, with the deaths coming from the second ten is obviously the problem, so what sort of acclamation did you do on the second 10, if that proves ok then we need to look at a disease that's been brought in with those 10, so some nice closeup pictures to help try and identify,.more importantly is that you photograph the next dead one in the tank as you can see more that way than taking it out and photographing

  3. DhopeNew MemberMember

    I didn't have any deaths yet today but before I saw this reply yesterday, I deduced through looking online that it might be a bacterial infection (given that it's one or a few deaths every day or so with no other indications). From what I can tell, this is also evidenced by my blue shrimp turning a little pink in the head once dead which could be the bacteria taking hold of the dead body or just discoloration from death. The site I looked at said to dose with 1ml (or 2ml if far along) of hydrogen peroxide for every 4l of water. My tank is a little more than 5 gallons so I dosed with around 10ml yesterday and today (premixed into about 12 ounces of tank water) and I'll switch to 5ml tomorrow and for the next two days. Have you guys used hydrogen peroxide before? Does that work? The shrimp do seem more active today and I don't see any showing the signs that the others did: being lethargic one day and dying the next.

  4. JellibeenWell Known MemberMember

    I've used hydrogen peroxide before with great results. Make sure to turn your filter off for an hour after dosing. Otherwise the h2o2 can kill all the good bacteria in your filter.

  5. DhopeNew MemberMember

    Oh dang... I've already dosed twice and didn't turn off my filter..... I've got seachem stability though so maybe I can just add some of that in and turn off the filter when I add any further doses? I hope I didn't kill my cycle already.
  6. JellibeenWell Known MemberMember

    That sounds like a good plan! I would keep an eye on your ammonia levels to be safe. Shrimp have super low bioloads, so if your tank only has shrimp in it you may be safe.
  7. PokeTileCraft101Valued MemberMember

    When i had a few blue neo shrimp they would turn red after they die as well. I am not sure if that was an infection, but it may just be the color they turn to after they die.
  8. DhopeNew MemberMember

    Hmm... well none have died today either (knock on wood) so that's two days of no deaths. They look active too... I'm trying not to get my hopes up prematurely. Also, the eggs in my three pregnant females have all turned white. Is this normal? Before they were a darker yellow or brown color and now they're much brighter. I thought they were supposed to get darker close to hatching? Did the hydrogen peroxide do something to them or are they dead?
  9. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    Try and post some close up pictures
  10. DhopeNew MemberMember

    It's hard to tell from the pictures but they're just very light yellow or white. 20190408_102920.jpg20190408_102920.jpg20190408_102934.jpg
  11. ETNsilverstarWell Known MemberMember

    I have minimal experience with eggs, but they look pretty normal to me. How long have they been berried for?

    I'm not sure how similar it is, but I bought 8 berried ghost shrimp and their eggs were all over as far as color. Some were dark green while others were so pale they were almost white. They all gave birth within a week of when I got them, and I saw each one dropping some of the babies, so I know they didn't just drop the eggs.
  12. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    apart from 1 that looks very white the others look ok, your not going to know what affect the h202 had on them until later so its a case of watching and as @ETNsilverstar as said she had a mix of colours. even if the h202 as caused a problem its better to loose this batch than loose your entire breeding stock,
  13. DhopeNew MemberMember

    Hey guys :) just an update. I haven't had any deaths since adding the hydrogen peroxide regiment a while ago and I have my first few shrimp fry and a few new pregnant moms! Some of the previous moms did end up dropping eggs but they were also young, new moms so I've heard that that can be normal. Thanks for your help!
  14. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    Glad to hear that, and your right young moms can loos their first batch so don't worry there
  15. PokeTileCraft101Valued MemberMember

    Great to hear, hope it goes well for you