Shrimp, Cray & Snail Problem Help!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Invertebrates' started by brondo, Apr 6, 2019.

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    I think I have a water problem. One of my Marmorkrebs had a bad molt this morning. She seems pretty traumatized, lost a big claw and was layning on her side, I helped her onto her belly but she isnt wanting to move much. I just moved the 3 of them to a 20g last weekend the water test results:
    Am 0 Nitri 0 Nitrate 10, PH 7.6 Gh & Kh 4

    I also have cherry shrimp who stopped breeding, never berry and are slowly dying. 2 I have seen die trapped in a molt. The new ones I bring in follow suit. I brought in a berried one, I thought she dropped the eggs but 3 shrimplets showed up, for a while, gone now.

    I breed Ramshorn, Pond & MTS for puffer food and they die and die and die for reasons I cant figure.

    I have tried adding crushed shell because I had it, it seemed to work for a while in the snail/community 55g but its starting again. I feel like its all related but I dont know the solution. @richie.p, what was it you suggested to me for my shrimp? How do I use it? Thanks for taking the time :)20190406_092832.jpg
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    Hi, maybe calcium deficiency, do you supplement their diet with extra calcium?
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    calcium issue. Throw in some egg shells, calcium, or dose it into the water and monitor how they do. Personally for my shrimp, i grind up egg shells and put them in the filter bag with the activated charcoal. It does the job.
  4. brondoValued MemberMember

    I use eggshell, cuttlebone and there is over a cup of crushed shells in the tank. I also feed them snello, with lots of tums, plus fresh veg. I have gotten my ph up a little and my gh and kh up 1 so they are both at 4. Its not working this way.

    I do. Crushed shells, egg shells, cuttlebone, snello for all, loaded with tums, plus green beans and zucchini.

    The snails will actually start dragging their shells behind them, sideways, like its too heavy or something. Soon they turn pale and then die. The snails and crayfish are meant to be food for my Fahaka Puffer. Im concerned that the.crays may not berry like my shrimo.

    One of the 3 crays actually killed the one who had the bad molt, losing the claw. She tore 3 of her legs and her other claw off, I guess it was too tramautic because she died. So no there are 2. Started with 4, one vanished/escaped and one murdered. Vicious, I didnt know they did that.
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    Could it be something like copper in your water?