Shrimp Colony

  1. R

    Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    I'm starting up a dedicated shrimp tank and already have a few shrimp in there. I remember reading somewhere that there's certain shrimp you shouldn't keep together since if they interbreed the babies will be a muddy color. What shrimp are safe to keep with cherry shrimp?
  2. goplecos

    goplecos Well Known Member Member

    I've never had that problem. All you have to do is add in some new color when you see the babies going dull (every 2-3 generations).
  3. Kellye8498

    Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    You can keep caridinia varieties with neocaridinia but just not other neocaridinia's. If they look like the same shrimp but in different colors don't mix them. You could keep Ammano shrimp with them without issues for example.
  4. -Mak-

    -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    Cherry shrimp are neocaridina davidi, you can't keep other neos with cherry shrimp, such as blue velvets, rili shrimp, bloody Mary's, etc
  5. BuddyD

    BuddyD Well Known Member Member

    I do. No berried females yet but when they do have them and if they're ugly, just get rid of them.
  6. S

    Stephen Hiatt Well Known Member Member

    Or just don't mix them and spare yourself the trouble.
  7. S

    Stephen Hiatt Well Known Member Member

    Most of the species that can be kept with Neocaridina are either very delicate or expensive. The only Caridina shrimp I would recommend to a beginner are Amanos.