Shrimp changing color?


Hello all,

I have a 20 gallon tall that I started about 6 months ago. About 2 weeks ago I bought about a dozen new shrimp, with many different colors, to put in there and they seemed to be doing well. This morning I looked into my tank and noticed a couple snails munching on a dead cherry shrimp and to prevent any sort of danger from an ammonia spike I removed the shrimp. The dead shrimp in question is undoubtedly red, appearing to resemble a painted fire red in color, but what is baffling me is that I know for a fact I only had 2 Shrimp in the tank that were red and I can confirm that they are both still alive. The only shrimp unaccounted for that I believe may be dead is a large female that resembled a blue dream in coloration. Does anyone know what may have happened? Is it possible for a shrimp to change to a different color when it dies? And even if so, is it possible for a blue shrimp to make such a dramatic color change to red? Thank you in advance.


Shrimp will turn a kind of pink when they die. I don't think it matters what color they were when alive.

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